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Simple Ways To Cure Chronic Procrastination

How You Respond To Procrastination Is Key

Procrastination is prevalent in all of us. The way you comprehend a situation will determine how you respond to it and eventually, what in the world you will do. What happens to many of us is that we get stuck in contemplating positions or ways of belief that leaves no way to move forward or way to get out.

If you think this activity is too hard and I can never get it finished, you may be a magnifier and minimize type, constituting the more challenging aspects of an activity direction as worse while minimizing the benefits both of which kill your desire to complete the activity. Instead you need to think that this is a mission that I can do and the feeling of completing this mission will all be worth the effort.

Change Your Thinking

If you think that I can’t do this on my own or I’m never good at these types of things, you’re likely someone who will personalized or over-generalized, which indicates a tendency to low self-esteem. Since you don’t believe you are capable of doing it and you tell yourself that, then you believe it and your suspicion becomes your reality. Instead, you need to believe what I’m attempting to do is not going to be easy for anyone, so, who better than me to do this? Who else but me can take on this challenge?

If you think that nothing ever turns out well for me or I don’t have what it takes to get this done, then you have a self-defeating style. You visualize most things as unchangeable and if you believe that, you can see why you wouldn’t attempt to do anything. So, instead say that every job no matter how large and complex has a starting point and this is it. Find one part of the task you know you’re good at and start there. You will realize that it gets easier if you just keep working on it and stop procrastination from being your excuse.

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