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Maximum Performance® - The most advanced, innovative, and proven success system to achieve your goals.

The Easiest And Fastest Way To Achieve Your Goals

No Theories • No Coaching • No Disappointment

Don't Set Goals Achieve Goals


Why so many fail to achieve their goals?

Don't produce results
Blind leading the blind
Stick with average



Go beyond all theories, coaching, self help, personal development, and motivational seminars. Maximum Performance® is the #1 success system used by the world’s highest achievers. Achieve your goals with real results by specific actions tailored to your unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Maximum Performance® makes coaching obsolete.

Maximum Performance® vs Coaching

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This Is What Real Clients Have To Say About Maximum Performance®

Dr. Ann


Maximum Performance is the cure for achieving all goals and it works perfectly with my hectic schedule.

Richard Jiminez


I had used a long-term executive coach before but Maximum Performance goes way beyond the scope of any coaching.

Kenneth Jones

Senior Vice President

This is an incredible system that I use everyday in my life, career, and my golf game because it works.

Marvin Harris

Senior Partner

Just the most effective program for long-term success. It is precise, motivating, and makes you just do it.

Susan Taylor

Single Mom/Entrepreneur

I have achieved more than I could ever dream, just one regret, not using this sooner when I had the chance.

Anthony Chan


There are very few things I recommend but if you really want to achieve your goals there is nothing better to make it a reality.


Maximum Performance Coach J

The insane advanced success system is only available to our highly valued clientele and can never be replicated, rehashed, or marginalized like all coaches and coaching programs. 

Through Maximum Performance® you benefit by having the best system that is constantly evolving and moving further ahead unlike all the stagnant coaching theories which have never evolved. Imagine going to a doctor who has never updated their skills, a personal trainer who never progressed with more advanced training methods, or a life coach taking a $10 online course. You should never put yourself in that situation when it comes to your life, your health, or your success!

Maximum Performance® was developed and is constantly refined by Coach J, the world’s top maximum performance expert. For over a decade we have been the best and keep getting better because of the continued results our clients achieve so just because you are the best does not mean you stop being even better! 



Maximum Performance® is getting solutions that works specifically for you. Then it is about executing the right actions that produce real results. There are no theories, no laws, no fake coaching, no crossing fingers, and no wasting time or money.  Maximum Performance® is designed to your own individual characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. We never place you into coaching theories, that is stagnant and antiquated compared to our advanced proprietary system. Our clients, who have used life, business, executive, and other coaching methods before compare coaching to Maximum Performance® as a correlation to a paper airplane versus an F22 fighter jet. So, if you want to win and achieve your goals what are you going to use?

Maximum Performance® is not a cost, it is an investment in you achieving your goals. As a first time client, we ask you how much you invest in yourself to achieve a certain goal? This gives you the easiest, most assured, and practically guaranteed way you will be satisfied with the results which is our only goal for us to work together. The majority of our clients are repeat clients and referrals. As you achieve your goal with us, you will want to achieve even more complex goals and a truly mutual beneficial relationship is already established. You have the experience of knowing we helped you produce the results and we already know your unique characteristics to achieve even greater goals. We always place you in win win situations. The only thing we ask is that you give us a true indicator on your investment in yourself to achieve your goal. We will then advise you of the probability of success and if any other solutions would be more appropriate. This is a Maximum Performance® exclusive offer for our new achievers.

We will start with a prearranged 45-60 minute introductory conversation. We will get more details about you, your goal, and then give you a preliminary game plan on the appropriate solutions. We will then arrange a convenient schedule, preferred communication method, and get started so you can achieve your goal in the most efficient and fastest possible manner. We know most goals require a few extra steps, beyond the norm, to achieve them. Unlike coaching, there are no up sells or trying to keep you locked into a coaching program as long as possible because achieving the greater goals is where you and us want to be together as a team. In Maximum Performance® your success is our success.    

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