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My Story

It’s interesting that when we start our lives we are all the same with our life stories ready to be written but actually not written rather lived. The moment I learned early in life most (92%) will never achieve their goals my journey began and my mission shall always be centered on a sole single digit percentage the 8%.


The #1 expert to achieve goalsSo my story starts from humble beginnings and continues on making champions in peoples lives, business, sports, and beyond. Helping the highest achievers in the world accomplish extraordinary goals by making them ordinary is what I do (better than anyone or anything).

At an early age, I discovered that very few achieve their goals and no matter what you want to accomplish it will always involve competing against others or yourself. There is no way around this but if you can be the elite few to master this you will be so far ahead of everyone. The one caveat will be as you become even more successful, it will be harder to stay on top but with my acquired expertise ensures you stay on top.

There were certain points in my life where I was forced to explore other areas in my life, career, and environment. Having always used “real coach j success coachprofessional coaching” think John Wooden, Pete Carroll, Gregg Popovich, Bill Belichick, Pat Summit, Tony Dungy, Vince Lombardi, and all the best to excel I decided to go outside my box and get the top self-proclaimed coaches for life, business, and executive/leadership. Money wasn’t going to be an issue; I just wanted the best to be my best because that is the one key principle for success. You can’t be like Mike (Jordan) unless you have Phil (Jackson) for the dance.

For the sake of brevity, I quickly realized these self-proclaimed coaches who were supposedly the best for your life, business, and so forth all had similar rehashed theories which would not be able to advance me to achieve my goals.

They were probably the right coaches for most who can settle for the same average results that everyone else gets. I was already a high achiever and eventually what occurred is that I started counseling the best coaches instead. I was so further ahead strategically, motivationally, Coach J the best coach to achieve goalsleadership, and success wise. What I had already achieved in my young life was so further ahead of all these high level life and business coaches it would have been useless to continue as most of them agreed. As a side story, when I met one of the top life coaches for the first time, at lunch, I pulled up to the valet in my new Italian sports car and he greeted me in front then asked me if I wanted him to coach me since he only had a Ford. The point is that unless that coach has achieved where you want to go they can’t do anything beneficial for you to get results they have not achieved for themselves.

At this time I knew I had more expertise and exceeded an entire self-Coach J high net worth coachproclaimed coaching industry that really has not evolved since the early 1980’s except for rehashing antiquated theories with only newly created names for coaches and coaching programs. To be even more specific, real professional coaches understand that if you don’t get immediate results you are gone. We don’t coach for the hope it might work, we only coach for absolute results. Winning is the ultimate achievement. Thus my evolution into getting the highest achievers in the world to accomplish insane goals started.

I am proud of our clients’ accomplishments, my unwavering commitment to their privacy which has never been broken, and, at the core of everything, my dedication to the Maximum Performance® principle that just because you are already the best does not mean you stop becoming even better!

Actions Are Always Greater Than Words

If you have not achieved for yourself you have no business trying to get others to do what you cannot.

To achieve the extraordinary you need the extraordinary

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If your success really matters to you then you need to ask yourself what will be driving your success?

You could use a typical Honda, like most, and get the same average results that everybody else will get.

On the other hand, you can get an incredibly advanced, super fast, new Ferrari that will leave the Honda, plus everything else, in the dust with you so far ahead of everybody.

It’s your choice!





When you are one of the rare ones who competes with the world’s highest achievers in the most competitive environments goals are easier to achieve. – Coach J

With Success Comes Responsibility

I tell my clients with success comes responsibility and I always practice what I preach.

Aside from helping people and organizations achieve their goals, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to go to schools and mentor kids with my Be A Champion Program for winning in school, sports, and the community.

Having the good fortune to work with some of the most amazing clients also gives me the opportunity to partner with many charitable organizations and volunteer my time and services to help those less fortunate. Whether it’s my annual toy drive for disadvantaged kids, feeding homeless families, or raising funds for non-profits caring matters.

Furthermore, I am proud that at We Make Champions part of our fees are donated to help those who might not be able to afford our services. Therefore previous recipients have included military families, students, first responders, teachers, essential workers, and many more who selflessly serve others.

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