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Sleep For Elon Musk And Arianna Huffington’s Comments

Sleep or lack of is a problem for even the highest achievers

Well, if you do not know about the very emotional interview of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in the New York Times, about the difficult times he is experiencing.  It is safe to say you probably don’t know about Arianna Huffington’s comments for him to quit sleeping at his headquarters. You might also be experiencing the same lack of sleep in your daily life. It is a problem that many people deal with, not getting enough due to life, career, and other things that challenge us.

Let’s face it, we all need at least eight hours every night to recharge but the reality is that many of us don’t get 8 hours. Life happens, things happen and pressing issues will always take precedence over sleep hours. If you’re worried about something there is a good chance you will not get eight or more hours. We can debate the merits of a good night’s sleep but the fact is if there is something that is a priority dreamland will be secondary. For example, many students stay up all night during finals trying to cram for the dreaded exam. This isn’t going to change much, it is a right of passage for students.

Sleep is good but…

Sleep is a very good thing for many reasons including health, energy, alertness, and so many other things. Most of us are probably deprived but when things happen sleep isn’t as important to us. Maybe we will make up an all night sleepless fest another night but, for now, there are things that need my attention or else worse things can happen besides losing a night’s rest.

So my take is that both Elon Musk and ArIanna Huffington are both right. Musk runs a huge corporation he is going to have sleepless nights, just dump the Ambien and go old school with caffeine or, my favorite, Mountain Dew. Huffington is correct we all need a good night’s rest and it is important. In life, business, or sports things happen that will predispose us to not getting enough so the best thing to do is get as much done as you can to give you as much sleep time as you can get later. Make the most of the day but there will always be things that will happen to us as sleep approaches. Maybe that’s what a good vacation is all about lol.

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