Do I Need A Life Coach?

Do I need a life coach is a question that everyone who is interested in any coaching should ask themselves. In addition, you need to understand the pros and cons of life coaching. Since everyone would have different reasons for using a life coach there are still some core principles that would affect everyone’s decision to use a life coach .

It is really important to understand what is a real professional coach? It is important to know the difference between real professional coaches versus life coaches. A real professional coach is typically in the sports world. They have demonstrated proven results to highlight their careers. Real coaches only focus on bottom-line results. They must win or lose their jobs. They are also responsible for the real progressions of their players. So, it is all about real actions and real results. In contrast, life coaches rarely have any proven results or experience. They are solely based on theoretical concepts as opposed to actions. Results are based on the hope of moving ahead, wishful transformations, and rehashed coaching programs.

do I need a life coach

Obviously not everyone can have a real professional coach like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, or Tiger Woods. You may not want to be a world champion or the best of the best but what if you could achieve 10% of the results that a real professional coach could deliver as opposed to 100% of what a life coach may be able to produce? Most would be further ahead with a real professional coach.

At this point, a real professional coach may be out of most people’s reach. So do I need a life coach? If we are talking in terms of “most,” “the average person,” or the person with typical aspirations then the answer would most likely be no.

Alternatives To Life Coaches

It would save most people a lot of time and money just to get a self-help book. There also a lot of videos to watch online that can help. If you are driving then listen to podcasts. You can even take an online course. Most life coaches base their coaching practices from the same resources you can access for yourself. Why pay extra for a middle person? Having a piece of paper that says you completed a seminar does not mean you can actually help others.

Unfortunately, there are so many self-proclaimed life coaches that think they can help others. The problem is that they have not achieved anything tangible for themselves other than a certificate of completion for an online course that anyone can take.

So Are Life Coaches Frauds?

Are life coaches’ frauds? Like any professions, there may be a small percentage that is but, in this case, it is more problematic of many people given false hope that they can help others. They are given a certificate that they completed a life coaching course. So they think that they can practice like a therapist, in their own mind, and even with good intentions it is just not the case.

There are a few life coaches that may be able to get you beyond where you are now. However they are usually busy with a heavy dose of referrals and repeat clients. So if you have said yes to the question do I need a life coach then here are a few tips. One of the best tips to find the right life coach is to ask that coach what they have actually achieved for themselves. As an example, if that life coach is driving an old rusted jalopy, has a lot of debt, and can barely pay rent then do you really expect they can help you get further ahead? Another tip is to be aware that most life coaches are practicing part-time and have other full time jobs to sustain themselves. Will they have enough time to devote to your needs?

life coaches are fraudsAnother great tip is to view that life coach’s bio and see if there any significant achievements. If there bio section is filled with feel good adjectives and no real achievements then that is not the life coach for you if you want to succeed.

Instant Life Coach

If having a life coach gives you a sense of accountability then you can easily have a friend, colleague, or family member hold you accountable for taking actions. Let them know your goal, give them a timeline, and have them check your progress. If you need advice, ask for second opinions from your circle and usually a consensus will answer your questions.

Making the decision to use a life coach is entirely yours. Please make sure what they offer is exactly what you need to get closer to your goal. If you start any life coaching program with a lot of confusion get out quickly. If you are asking that life coach “how to reach a certain point” and you are still asking yourself “why I am doing this” trust your instincts.

Remember theories don’t produce results only actions. The majority of life coaching is based on rehashed theoretical concepts. It is advisable to stay away from vast amounts of conceptual topics. In order to succeed, always stick with components that are based on actions. This will produce steps that generate progressions.

Do I Need A Life Coach Quiz

So if you are still asking yourself “do I need a life coach” then you need to take a good look at how much time you have to commit to coaching? Then ask how much money you want to invest in a competent life coach? Then you will need a lot of patience. You will have to research finding a life coach who has achieved what you want to achieve.

Remember anyone can say they are a coach but very few have their own achievements to prove they know how to get results. Life coaches learn rehashed theories that rarely keep up with current situations. Results are produced by strategies, execution of those strategies, and taking on bigger challenges for success.

Finally, most goals are based on achieving something beyond the norm. One of the keys to success is to only invest in those which go beyond typical. Anything short of that will just be ordinary. In order to be your best use only the best. In a real professional coach you are investing in you and your success not life coaching.