There are only two types of people when it comes to achieving goals, the few that do and most who don’t. Science has proven only 8% of the world’s population will ever achieve their goals. Most likely you will be in the majority, the 92%, that will fail. Why? Success proves that if you are doing what everybody else is doing, it will only result in average, at best! This is called failure. 

The undeniable secret to achieving any goal is not to do what everybody else does. If you are going to take a coaching program, use methodologies like attraction or manifestation, register for that you have the power seminar, or anything else available to date, you will only achieve what everybody else achieves.  All coaches learn the same old rehashed theories that you could learn about in a book, online class, or seminar so save time and money and do it yourself like all the coaches. Unfortunately results not included which is the same for most coaches too.

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