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The Power of Patience For Success

In the age of instant gratification it is difficult to wait for something. We’re to benefit from moving at a fast pace and having our wants satisfied now.

It seems moving through a process of getting ahead takes forever. We want our goals now, not later. We want to be successful right now, forget the wait. We don’t care how we’ll feel afterwards, we care about how we feel right now!


The important thing to understand about patience is that it’s all in your head. It’s only your perception of absence in this moment that maintains you are always feeling impatient.

Let’s examine this specifically. When you’re feeling impatient about getting something you want, you are focusing on the condition of absence about what you want. Lack is a bad feeling, so you feel a sense of needing to do something to eliminate it. You want to hurry and satisfy your thirst so it goes away.

But it’s not the lack that actually stimulates you’re feeling uncomfortable – it’s your understanding that you need something to make you feel satisfied. In this case, achieving your goals and becoming successful will reinforce you being happy, so you want it to happen now.

Since it is nearly impossible to snap your fingers and change your circumstances in an instant, here are suggestions for easing your sense of not having everything right now:

Set real expectations:

Your expectations can often get you in trouble by setting you up for disappointment. Even though you know it’s not likely that you’ll achieve your goals without spending some time and endeavor into the process, you still have an inner expectation that you’ll get results quickly. When it doesn’t happen, you will feel disappointed. Stop it!

So, lower your expectations a little. Rather than expecting overnight miracles, expect steady progress instead. Instead of expecting to transform yourself overnight, aim to feel more and more confident each day.

If you pay more attention to the progress that’s not happening as opposed to the progress that is, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Appreciate the smaller wins:

If you only focus on the big win at the end of the game, you’ll miss out on the journey of playing in the game.

Make a decision to celebrate the small victories you achieve daily. Did you face a anxiety and found a way to relieve it? Did you make time to work on your goals? Are you consistently working on a more positive outlook? Get with it! Let yourself feel good about always taking steps to move forward.

Enjoy the game:

Imagine playing in a big game, like the Super Bowl, and not opening your eyes to see the crowd cheering and the stadium rocking. Wouldn’t you feel bad about missing all the things happening around you? You need to appreciate all your efforts and the journey of all the ups and downs that makes it all worthwhile.

Many just focus on the destination instead of appreciating the actual trip that it took to get there. You must enjoy the view on your journey to getting what you want.

Make the effort to enjoy the whole process of your evolution. Enjoy the sensation of fulfilling what is meant to be. Enjoy every moment because each step you take gets sweeter and sweeter.

Patience can serve you in many other ways too, but most importantly it can design your journey to success to be so much more enjoyable. It’s worth the effort, don’t you think so?

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