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How To Live Life With Passion And Purpose

A few steps could change your life

When it comes to wanting to live life with passion, the answer may seem so simple. But living life passionately is about much more than simply expending hours doing the things you like to do. Living your life passionately is about living as if every single day was your last one here on this globe. What would you like to accomplish? And what’s even more important to ask yourself is what you need to accomplish before your days on this globe are done. Follow these five steps to passionate living to start discovering the life you were meant to receive.

Discover what your passionate about. This first step may seem to be the easiest, but that is far from what you can imagine. Many people go through the majority of their lives before they eventually realize what they are truly passionate about. Observing your passion doesn’t mean merely seeing something that you happen to be good at and then doing it. It’s about figuring out what you would do even if no one paid you to do it or else would do even if it meant given up something that others might think would be better for you. It requires you to separate out the things of real significance for you out from all of life’s extras temptations.


Get your priorities straight. The moment you realize what you are truly passionate about, you can begin to start straightening out your priorities. It is truly staggering how many people come to the realization at some point in their life that their priorities do not match their passions. Perhaps they’ve been chasing after that raise and promotion since they are thinking it’s what they should want, but in reality they want to leave the corporate world and start their own business. Everyone’s story is different, and everyone should make sure their own priorities align with their true passions.

Set SMART goals. Now that you know what to shoot for, you can design goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. These guidelines will enable you to determine how you are doing on your journey to achieve a highly passionate life.

Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t have up to this point. One of the dangers of writing down your goals now for yourself is focusing too much on what you don’t have. This is a self-defeating way of looking at your goals that will merely lead you to hopelessness. By visualizing what you will look like after you have already achieved your goals, you create a clear road to get there.

Don’t limit yourself. No one is created to go through life just fulfilling the minimum requirement for their existence. We were all made to perform at our best using our maximum capability, and you can’t be passionate about living if you’re happy only being content with what’s comfortable.

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