Frequently Asked Questions

Results. Unlike all self-proclaimed coaches saying they can coach you because they took a course, completed a certificate program, or any other bs, Coach J is a world-class elite professional coach who also excels himself. The coaching industry relies on rehashing the same antiquated theories everyone uses for, at best, average results. Coach J’s coaching focuses on actions that get results. His proprietary system and coaching focus on delivering results for the highest achievers in life, business, sports, and beyond. Coach J relies on actual results, not cross-your-fingers, and let’s hope for the best that all other coaches use. Being an elite high achiever in life, business, and sports, Coach J demonstrates that to get others to be extraordinary, you have to show that you did it. Most coaches fall way short of achieving themselves. Here you are assured of the highest level of elite professional coaching that delivers your highest percentage of success. Our world-class coaching is entirely proprietary and cannot be accessed by any other coach in the world.

Our coaching practices far exceed the entire coaching industry standards. First, our system is action-based, not theoretical, which is most coaching. Secondly, we execute strategic actions based on our client’s characteristics and precise goals. Unlike all coaching, we take the time to learn what drives you to move ahead. Then we customize a unique system around you and your specific goals. We will never place you in a coaching program that everybody else does because they only produce, at best, typical results. It means failure. Finally, we make real-time adjustments based on our client’s progress. Our system comprises advanced strategies only used by the world’s highest achievers in life, business, sports, and other areas. Since we already work with the best, we are the only coaching system that can provide this unique and highly effective component that no other coach can access. In contrast to the coaching industry, our system is evolving to meet the increased challenges for success. No other coach or program can assure clients of their highest percentage of success.

It is the elite total success program specifically designed for the highest achievers. Based on Coach J’s years working with world champions, billionaires, icons, mavericks, and elite achievers. Maximum Performance® is the only complete 360° system that combines the champion mindset, the decision-making of corporate leaders, the execution of technology gurus, and an optional integration for the fitness of professional athletes in the world’s most comprehensive and advanced coaching system. Our world-class coaching is entirely proprietary. No other coaches in the world have access to our programs and, therefore, cannot produce the results we deliver to our exclusive clientele.

If you are looking for your typical coaching program and coach that everyone uses for the same average results everyone achieves, this is not for you. If you are a high achiever, this is specifically for you. If you feel that you have reached the pinnacle of your success, this is for you. Being your best or even the best of all time requires using the best. Here is the highest level coaching program with a world-class high-performance coach for the elite achievers.

Science proves only 8% will ever achieve their goals. Our world-class coaching is for the elite 8% that achieve success or will soon do it. It is not your typical coaching program that 92% use for average results. We specifically design our coaching system to fit your exact goals, individual characteristics, and exclusive access to Coach J, the world’s best high-performance coach. Based on your needs, we will determine your investment in your success before starting. Our programs fit those who will invest in their success. For example, some of our tailored programs have been over $1M+ depending on the complexities of a client’s goal. We specifically work with high achievers who want to be their best or be the best in the world and stay there. In addition, our clients understand that just because you are already the best does not mean you don’t get any better.

It’s simple and effective. Just submit your initial application. Then we will arrange a day/time to get to know each other and see if it will be a mutual win. If so, we will learn more about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics that directly impact success. Then we will customize a unique tailored program that targets your specific goals, identifies your unique traits, and incorporates proprietary strategies only used by high achievers to ensure your highest percentage of success. Of course, the only way to get to where you want to be is to start here now.

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