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Beware The Life Coach

Beware the life coach, a being who believes they can help others in some way excel, reach goals, or can they? Most life coaches tend to believe that they can help others. Since they have received a certificate of some sort, attended a seminar, or read a book so they are now competent to help others. Some have even spent thousands to say they are a master life coach. The problem is not with the vast majority of life coaches who truly want to help others. The problem is with a false sense of confidence that having a piece of paper is like having a valid college degree and it definitely is not.

Life Coaching Certificate Hazard

It is not easy to criticize someone claiming to be able to help others based on a certificate of completion such as a medical degree, doctorate in psychology, or passing a bar exam. Most would know that a degree from an accredited university would entail a level of knowledge beyond the norm. On the other hand, a certificate of completion from a life coaching program is not the same as a curriculum you would find in a university. It is easy to find life coaching training with certificates upon completion for $69 and lower. Most of them are all based on the same rehashed, antiquated theories that seems to permeate the coach dangers

It is important to note that the pseudo coaching industry is growing. The biggest niche being how to be a life coach. More and more people are turning to life coaches. There’s a belief that they can make their lives easier, reach goals, or help solve some are of their lives. With demand for life coaches it is only obvious more and more people are turning towards this industry in hopes of helping their own situation.

The majority of life coaches are part-time coaches and still need full-time employment to pay the bills. With supply and demand there can be a need for life coaches. It is important that potential clients


understand who and what they are allowing to help mentor them. So beware the life coach especially when they have not achieved for themselves.

Life Coach Dangers

Case in point, James Arthur Ray. He is the author of Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want. Ray is also included in the best-selling book and DVD “The Secret.” He was found guilty and convicted of felony negligent homicide. In October 2009, about 60 of Ray’s followers crammed into a 415-square-foot hut heated with red-hot rocks. Ray, a charismatic guru, told his followers it would be a “rebirthing” but it instead turned into a fatal experience for three people.

When you place your trust with someone claiming to be a life coach make sure you know what you are getting. Just because they say they are a coach doesn’t mean you are Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson is your coach. Life coaching theories tend to be just that, theories, with no expectations of actual results. So beware the life coach, it’s on you!

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