Coach J


“My passion is winning in every aspect for the clients I confidently serve. Subsequently, I have to ensure I succeed too. If I can’t, that reflects in my abilities to help others. More specifically, my clients know that to be the best use the best.” – Coach J

Unlike all coaches, clients choose Coach J, the world’s best high-performance coach, for his real proven expertise, world-class experience, and successfully getting the highest achievers the results they want in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

For Coach J Results Matters

  • 10+ years winning in the NFL from the field to the front office.
  • Who’s Who for Coaching in the world.
  • Launched sports division for global entertainment corporation.
  • Leading authority for winning in life, business, and sports.
  • Top mindset coach for high performers.
  • Judge, Stevie Awards (Women In Business).
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame recognition.
  • USC Marshall School of Business graduate.
  • Corporate spokesperson for Fortune 500 with over $300B in managed assets.
  • Crisis management expert.
  • Philanthropist.
  • Judge, American Business Awards.
  • Directed worldwide marketing for the largest interactive entertainment companies on the planet.
  • High-performance achievement expert for high-profile individuals.
  • Super Bowl Management Team.
The top high performance coach is Coach J

When Coach J is not working, you can find him with his family, surfing at one of his favorite spots around the globe, playing basketball, dance classes, martial arts, taking topless drives along the coast, boxing, working out, or playing guitar.

He knows how important it is to make time for yourself and ensures his clients understand this. Coach J never expects his clients to do anything he has not already done.

His success and specialized skills to get the very best to reach and exceed their goals are unmatched. Coach J lives his life by succeeding in all areas of life, business, sports, and beyond. He knows coaches lead by theories. Coach J chooses to do it by actions, the exact steps his clients use for their incredible success.

Coach J is proud to serve the world’s highest achievers and always declines all media inquiries regarding his clientele to assure confidentiality.

With Success Comes Responsibility

Coach J is the best high-performance coach who tells his clients that with success comes responsibility. He always practices what he preaches.

He feels fortunate to have the opportunity to go to schools and mentor kids with his Be A Champion Program for winning in school, sports, and the community.

Working with amazing clients allows Coach J to partner with many charitable organizations and volunteer his time and services to help those less fortunate. Whether it’s his annual toy drive for disadvantaged kids, feeding homeless families, or raising funds for non-profits, caring matters.

Coach J is proud that a portion of the fees at We Make Champions are donated to help those who cannot afford our services. Previous recipients have included military families, students, first responders, teachers, essential workers, and others who selflessly serve others.

Coach J is a philanthropist




The top high performance coach is Coach J
the top high performance coach
the top high performance coach

Coach J does not do coaching, he delivers specific outcomes to his clients, they call it results, success, and winning!