Why Women Find It Challenging At Work?

The following article details why women are more inclined to play a supporting role at work as opposed to getting an executive role. Some of the reasoning for women’s struggle in the workplace stated in the article is that men and women are prepared for life in different ways, lack of competing against one another, and being satisfied in a more passive role.

maximum performance executive coaching Although some of the viewpoints may be valid for some personality types, my mentoring of various women in high profile executive positions from global corporations, professional sports, and the entertainment industry would disprove many of the myths. One of the most important characteristics that play a pivotal role for anyone’s success is the ability to compete. Women, like men, are competitive by nature. For instance, fashion is a competitive outlet for many and being able to glam it up over someone else is a competitive act. You always see actresses try to outdo one another on the red carpet while actors are content with the usual black suit and tie. There is a growing trend to see more and more women in more traditional male dominated roles such as professional sports referees, Indy racing, NASCAR, CEO’s of professional sports teams, movie executives, and much more.

Instinctively we are all competitive in various degrees, want to win, and be on top but some of the ways we express our desires can vary. Women do not have to be on the front lines of combat, playing football, or dominating a traditional male role to compete. Having the right attitude, learning competitive strategies, and learning motivational techniques can give anyone the drive to excel in any environment. Starting with the desire to achieve is always the first step to conquering all barriers that are actual or perceived.

Maximum Performance is the premiere success system used by the world’s highest achievers whom are both men and women. This is executive coaching on a higher level for the few who will be the leaders who create the extraordinary.


Why women struggle at work

I have worked with women for many years now and wondered why we often feel so uncomfortable on the journey towards stepping into executive roles. Our resilience seems to be a key factor and from my research – How to do it by women who’ve done it –  the women who, in their upbringing have overcome some challenging experience and have learned to trust their own judgement, are the ones who do best…


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2 Responses to “Women’s Struggle In The Workplace”

  1. puffsladog@gmail.com

    This is clearly written by a man. Women are treated unfairly in the work place. I have had a lot of women tell me, they are verbilly abused, mentally abused, physically abused, over worked, passed over for promotions and NO ONE talks about it. When asked, why women arnt in the work place people say, oh becuase they want to be mothers or they want to be home with the children. TOTALLY FALSE. Women also cant tell their stories becuase guess what… they wont be hired to the next place they go to find employement. At some point you get sick of fighting against the grain and just bow out. Its an awful cycle and I wish people would ban together to make the corporate world a empowering place for women.

  2. Coach J

    Your comments are appreciated and it is a good reminder that everyone contributes to the success of a corporations’ success and everyone should be treated fairly across the board.


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