So what’s an executive leader to do?

Ever felt that way? You’re in an executive leadership role or a position of authority and you’re not sure you know what to do or what you’re supposed to know. Am I supposed to know everything about this new position? Am I supposed to know everything about what everyone else does? Who do I go to if I have questions? Am I supposed to have all the answers and give orders? What if someone has a question and I can’t answer it? What will people think if they have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it? What will they think about me? What will my superiors think? Am I really qualified for this position? That’s the real question you might ask yourself over and over in your head when thinking about executive leadership solutions.

No leader has all the answers. Every leader has to depend on someone to be successful in his new position. In the real world, you may receive a promotion into a position where you have no clue about the business in which you find yourself a leader. I’m sure you’ve heard of former military officers who now work in financial services with no financial services background or a former politician who’s going to be now in a command position for a non-profit agency. Within these predicaments, that you were hired for it is the abilities you have in leadership and not the specific skill sets for the unique occupation itself.

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Many times in the corporate world, moving into a command position can occasionally be like an end to an already enjoyable career. The team in which you now find yourself a leader often prefers the individual that was previously in the position or really wanted another individual to get that position you now acquired. Now you end up with the possibility that you will not be given the same respect or cooperation from those who will report to you or those you report to.

To be a leader in new position, anxiety and skepticism can hinder your success. While concern about this is a possibility, you will need to fully understand your anxiety and manage it. Wait, how?

Being a leader will not be for everyone. If this were true, absolutely everyone would be a leader. Remember, with leadership you will be handling people! There may be no clear solution to cope with just about every circumstance that occurs but treat people with respect, fairness, and be the leader that leads by example. Encourage your people to be a team and remember that every team has a captain (leader).


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