A good article on incorporating sports motivation to businesses by using fantasy sports for sales team. Although the incentives were the major catalyst for driving the sales team to produce more having a competitive environment that engaged everyone is a positive team building tool.

The essence of life, business, and sports inspires competition and there is nothing better for driving friendly competition in the business world more than sports. There are many sports strategies that business organizations can adopt to become even more successful. Being able to consult with many leading entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations with the applications of sports strategies and sports motivation is a game changer. Setting up your business in a sports team type structure is excellent. The starters, or top producers, can help lead the remaining team members to elevate their game and play the role of a team captain to inspire the rest of the team when challenges occur.

Many clients I have had the opportunity to work with have had some sports backgrounds in either high school, college, and even the professional ranks which many have attributed to their success. Now, being able to gain the strategies and motivations used by real world champions through Maximum Performance has elevated their achievements to a level they never imagined could have been possible. Real professional coaching derived from sports and applied to each individuals characteristics or organizational environments creates immediate impact that perpetuates real results and success, something so called pseudo coaches and coaching can never produce.

Even if a person has never played sports before or has never considered themselves competitive just having some sports motivation strategies can give that person a winning edge to achieve so much more in their life and in their career.

How This Business Owner Motivated His Team with Fantasy Sports











How This Business Owner Motivated His Team with Fantasy Sports

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So he wanted to try a new type of motivational tool. That’s when he found FantasySalesTeam. The competition system allows employees to build teams of different salespeople throughout the company, much like fantasy sports teams. The employees can thenĀ …

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