Life coaching and personal training are both very similar but without noticing results like weight loss, strength increase, or muscle definition. In life coaching, one can only hope they are advancing although much of the achievements are based more on speculation than actual results. So in life coaching it is important to work on your core which is similar to personal training. How you move your limbs, back, and stomach areas all connect to your core and in life coaching having a strong core or foundation is important.

Your key belief and values is the core for any life coaching theories. The knowledge of our key beliefs and values, as well as how you will act in various situations will dictate how successful you will be to advance to a higher level in your life. Staying balanced is imperative here. It is these core elements that need to be strengthened before going into all the minutia of life coaching theories.

life coachingOur values and beliefs are what fuel us and guide the choices we make in business and all aspects of our lives. They affect our business performance and our personal relationships. Not only do we need to know and understand our own key values, but we need to be able to articulate them to others at various times, in addition to demonstrating them. If we are part of too many situations where we look for conflicts our esteem will suffer and consequently keep us in a state of confusion.

We sort our values when we get older trying to place our priorities one after another. Alongside one another they constitute the key of who we are and where we want to be. From time to time our lives can get chaotic and we feel helpless and might turn to a life coach for some balance with our lives. It is at this vulnerable moment that life coaches know there is a problem and assume this theory or that theory will be able to pull you out of your slump. Unfortunately, most life coaches are not properly prepared to administer any real proven solution or system to get you where you need to be.

Instead of wasting your valuable time and money, do real easy self-coaching for you. Write down your goals, give yourself a deadline, and talk with someone close to you about the aforementioned for accountability. Make your top priority just that and take steps to reach your goal deadline. Don’t get overwhelmed, just take small steps and pace yourself. In time, everything in your life will balance and you will have created a great foundation or life core for getting to where you want to be in your life.

It’s not too hard to get into the gym and workout and the same can be said of coaching yourself. Start with the basic core foundations in your body and your mind then the limitations go away.


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