The following post gives some life coaching suggestions for emotional outbursts at work but I would recommend the most effective solution is not to go to work if you are having an emotional breakdown of any kind. Avoid putting yourself in a situation that involves some turmoil and use your time off to get yourself right before going to work.

If their is a crisis or some other event in your life that is happening and it affects your work or those you work with you will only draw more attention to your situation and yourself which is probably the last thing you want to do in your workplace. People go to work to get things done and having a fellow employee going through a difficult situation is not fair to coworkers. Take the time off to deal with the situation and resolve your issues. The workplace is for work and making sure all your associates have an environment where they can do their job, free of any personal distractions is the responsibility of everyone in that organization. It is no different than going through an illness, like a cold, and keeping away to prevent your coworkers from catching your cold. Treat your illness at home, get better, and then get back to your job when all is well. The same is true for any emotional instabilities you may be experiencing.

Remember, everyone of your associates is a teammate and you want to keep your teammates functioning without any distractions because they might be helping you with your tasks while you are out. Give your team a break so they can get the job done and when you return you won’t fall even farther behind.


Emotional Outburst At Work? Here’s How to Get Through It.

The average person will spend about 260 days at work each year.

No matter how healthy you are — or how much self-care you give yourself — at least a couple of those days are bound to be emotionally challenging.

Whether it’s the loss of a beloved pet, the passing of a relative, a break-up, a bad performance review, or something physical — like a frustrating injury that just won’t seem to heal — you might have a day where your emotions are really tough to manage. Try as you might? You might struggle to keep those emotions from spilling out… at work.

Having an emotional outburst while you’re at the office — crying, sniffling, yelling, or going into hysterics — is generally considered to be pretty unprofessional…


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