Can Sports Motivation Win A Championship?

Let’s face reality and know that when you are currently the best player in the NBA and playing in the NBA Finals, there is enough sports motivation to fill the arenas but is it enough to win a championship? In this particular situation, for LeBron James the motivation runs deeper since he has to prove to the fans, the media, and, more importantly, to himself that he can win a championship without having perennial All-Stars to share the burden. He is not just the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers but their heart and soul. So, motivation runs deeper for this MVP since he is also the native son trying to end the city’s drought or curse of decades without a sports championship.

The stage is set for either a miraculous over-achievement and incredible upset or as many would believe an undeniable championship for the Golden State Warriors. It’s a perfect storm for sports motivation and the will to overcome insurmountable obstacles. It’s the ultimate challenge, both mentally and physically, that any athlete, on any level, desires. If you compete it just does not get any better. This is the test that defines you as a champion, a leader, an athlete, and a person who can push his or her will to achieve what most can never do.

LeBron does have a secret motivation which he says he will reveal if they win the championship. Cleveland is a heavy underdog but if LeBron is able to instill his willpower with his teammates,  as he has already in Matthew Dellavedova, and the rest of the team, Cleveland will win. The one definite in any team sport is that a team always beats an individual but a team motivated and infused with will power can defeat talent, especially when will goes beyond winning.

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LeBron James hints at secret motivation that's fueling title run










LeBron James hints at secret motivation that’s fueling title run Tue, 09 Jun 2015 11:00:00 -0700

“I don’t need any extra motivation,” James said Sunday night. “I think our guys love it. Our guys love the fact that we’ve been counted out and come into the series being an underdog. They’re pretty much saying that especially after Kyrie got hurt and

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