The Insider’s Guide To Sports Motivation

It’s time to power up your sports motivation because athletes and teams are going to have their typical up and down days. You can be at practice, in a competition, or an off day workout and you will have an off day no matter what happens or not. So what can you do to alleviate the state of being in the “un-zone” and get back into the zone?

power up your sports motivation by Coach J

Here are five easy strategies you can apply to power up your sports motivation.

Just Accept Being In The “Un-Zone”. Do not waste time or energy trying to fight it, just accept the fact it’s that type of day and move on. Focus on what you need to get done today and do the best job that you can do. Visualize the negative feelings and visualize getting rid of all the negativity then put all the energy into your workout, practice, or competition. The more you practice this the more it becomes easier to manage.

Tap Into Your Success. Focus and visualize the successes and victories that got you to the point your at now. If your a football player, visualize all the great  plays that you mad and channel that feeling to where you are at the moment. Turn negative pressure to successes and feel better about the moment you are in right now.

Learn To Understand The Negative Emotions. Keep track of when and where you are experiencing negative emotion, make a note of it on paper or your smartphone. Notice if there is a pattern of behavior when negative emotions occur and you will be able to disrupt the pattern and get back into the zone.

Reinforce Your Goals With What Drives You. Every athlete or team has goals, there is a cause that drives us to victory. Remind yourself constantly of the end goals. No race is ever finished without crossing the tape, no whistle blows signaling the end of the game without the referee blowing the whistle when time runs out, and there is never an end to your journey unless you say it’s time. Access the motivational stories, the quotes, and videos of what drives you to compete and win. Whatever you can do to reinforce your drive, do it. Stay hungry and feed that drive all the time.

Use Only The Best For Your Success. Not everyone can access resources that others have access to so make do with the best that you can get. Reality is that not everyone is going to get a professional basketball coach with NBA experience like Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors or get the top sports motivational expert, Coach J, but the key is make use of the best of what you have. Adapt to your situation and environment, there is no doubt life on the road is always harder so make the best of it. You might not sleep in your own bed but you will play on the same field that you worked so hard to be where you are now.

These five, power up your sports motivation, strategies create a great foundation for your sports motivation arsenal and when you have the opportunity to advance to that next higher level it will be the right time to get Maximum Performance by Coach J and really power up your sports motivation strategies with the best.

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