Say Goodbye To Procrastination Failure

Let’s face it in order to be successful in anything you need to take action but something called procrastination always seems to creep in and we know that procrastination is failure. So it is time to start doing and end procrastinating. Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

You have to decide what your most important tasks are and do them first. It’s all about learning to prioritize and then organize. Many times people use the excuse of working on email as a way to put off more important tasks. Doing emails is just a big time waster and success killer. Ignore your email and start prioritizing so you can start taking responsibility for what you need to do.

procrastination is failureMake decisions quickly. Some people train themselves to do this by setting a stopwatch. They give themselves a certain amount of time like 1 minute to make a decision and then move on. If you spend too long deciding, you might not make a decision at all and this just leads to procrastination is failure.

Another tip is making sure you are not overextending yourself. If so it’s time to learn how to say no. Many times it’s hard to say no either because we don’t want to let somebody down or because we’re afraid to turn something away due to a future benefit. But the truth is that if we overextend ourselves, we might not finish anything or we might finish them late. Either way, yourself, bosses, or our clients will be unhappy. Most people will respect an honest “no” if you are too busy, and will either opt for a later time or find someone else for the task at hand, but they will remember and appreciate your honesty.

So understand that procrastination is failure and prioritizing by doing the most important tasks first will lead to success.

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