This is another great article on a restaurant owner assuming the role of a life coach for her employees which is another good example why life coaching and life coaches are not necessary and really a waste of time and money. The absolute facts of success are grounded in the proven concept that when you are doing what everyone else is doing you are limiting yourself to average and nothing better. Life coaches are not necessary for anyone aspiring average. Average is, by definition, where most will fall anyways. Using life coaching or getting a life coach will not get anyone to a higher level but it will keep you at average.

Think of a life coach as a friend you might call to get a second opinion, there is nothing wrong in getting a second opinion and it is usually a good practice. The problem occurs when that life coach presents himself or herself as someone more than a friend to get a second opinion and uses the term “coach” to portray themselves as someone with a higher level of expertise who can advise and consult others for a desired result.

Everyone is free to choose how they spend their money and if a life coach or life coaching program is your choice then average might be worth it to you although it bis available for free in most every circumstance as can be seen in this article. The good take away in this article is that this boss is a good boss and someone who actually cares for her employees but, thankfully, not a life coach.

In order to achieve something beyond average, one needs the expertise, experience, and education that a real professional coach offers and benefits their clients with real, proven results. Maximum Performance is the leading success system used by the world’s highest achievers in life, business, and sports.

Fort Worth Restaurant Owner Is Both A Boss And A Life Coach

Fort Worth Restaurant Owner Is Both A Boss And A Life Coach

Tue, 22 Sep 2015 16:18:25 -0700

It’s the story of a boss turned life coach. Chadra Mezza is a busy Mediterranean restaurant in Fort Worth. Christina Elbitar and her husband Nehme own the place. They have a second restaurant and catering company, too. Keeping all that food moving

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