The following post contains some good yet common sense advice that life coaches love to give. It’s simple, cliché advice that is tossed around self-help books, seminars, and coaching programs and word spun to fit the needs of the coach.

For example, the first lesson is about the fact that problems are bad which merely states the obvious that we will encounter challenges in our lives but we should learn from them and be better. This is the usual rhetoric life coaches love to give and profit from so if you like more (of the same) feel free to read the remaining nine.

My advice, you probably know the rest yourself already so save time, energy, and focus on doing things in your life that you can take action on right now to get you where you want to go rather than reading the usual coaching theories.


10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn – Martha Beck Life Coach Advice

1. Problems are bad. You spent your school years solving arbitrary problems imposed by boring authority figures. You learned that problems—comment se dit?—suck. But people without real problems go mad and invent things like base jumping and wedding planning. Real problems are wonderful, each carrying the seeds of its own solution. Job burnout? It’s steering you toward your perfect career. An awful relationship? It’s teaching you what love means. Confusing tax forms? They’re suggesting you hire an accountant, so you can focus on more interesting tasks, such as flossing. Finding the solution to each problem is what gives life its gusto.

2. It’s important to stay happy. Solving a knotty problem can help us be happy, but we don’t have to be happy to feel good. If that sounds crazy, try this: Focus on something that makes you miserable. Then think, “I must stay happy!” Stressful, isn’t it? Now say, “It’s okay to be as sad as I need to be.” This kind of permission to feel as we feel—not continuous happiness—is the foundation of well-being.