The attached post highlight more mistakes a life coach makes and it is a basic overview of some common mistakes that happen in life coaching. Unfortunately when a person invests their hard earned money and time for life coaching there should never be any mistakes if someone has trusted a life coach to provide a solution they need.

life coach dangersNo matter if you are a new life coach or one of the few seasoned life coaches there is a responsibility to provide the best service with no mistakes. Things like lacking concentration, jumping to conclusions too fast, and many other mistakes are unacceptable. A good analogy is if one were to go to a surgeon and they made even the slightest mistake in your surgery then there is a good possibility that your life lays in the balance. Well, life coaching is about your life and depending on a life coach who typically makes mistakes is a risky proposition that many would not take. The solution is going to an expert, not pseudo life coach, and getting the appropriate solutions to your particular needs. Maximum Performance is the solution for those who depend on real results and real success.


6 Mistakes I Encountered As A New Life Coach
Jan 22, 2015 Life coaches aren’t magic genies who pop out of a lamp to grant every … Here
are some common mistakes that I made as a new life coach and what I learned from them:

1) Doing Most of the Talking:

This not only defeats the purpose of the meeting, it makes it harder for you to handle the client issue at hand. Some life coaches develop an unhealthy habit of interrupting or talking when it’s not their turn. A life coach is supposed to do exactly the opposite of talking. We are there to LISTEN.

Based on what we have observed, after a considerable amount of time, we can take our turn in speaking. By giving your client a chance to speak, it is during that flow of conversation that they may project the cause of the issue without even being aware of it. It is these subtle clues that will give you the answers to your client’s own questions, and allow you to speak accordingly.