It does not matter if you are one of the best professional basketball players in the world, you need sports motivation to keep moving forward or else lose your spot as one of the best. Recently, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers topped the list of the worst high-volume shooters outside the paint and saw it posted on social media. In his next game, he admitted seeing the graphic and used it as sports motivation for getting in the gym and improving his shooting which subsequently did improve.

In sports or life, we all need motivation not just to keep us driving towards our goals but to keep us on top too. Just because we reach a high level does not guarantee that we are always going to stay there. In fact, the journey to being on top is usually easier than staying on top. Being able to visualize your goals helps to keep you focused. In Lebron’s case, having the ability to see his shooting percentage outside the paint and being able to see where he ranks among his peers really gave him that sports motivation boost to get him into the gym to practice his outside shooting and get those valuable repetitions in to improve his outside shooting skills. For many people, there are always ways to view one’s performance. For example, at work you may have a performance evaluation detailing areas you may need improvement so use it as motivation to improve. Never get down on negative evaluations or criticisms, use it as a motivational tool to get better.

There are always opportunities to improve yourself whether your on top or not. The key to success is to always keep improving, measure your performance, and keep your sports motivation, life motivation, or business motivation on.


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LeBron motivated by graphic showing he was NBA’s worst shooter

LeBron motivated by graphic showing he was NBA’s worst shooter LeBron motivated by graphic showing he was…

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