You Are Only Thinking You Know It All

Never fall into the trap of thinking you know it all. No one has exclusivity on knowledge. Pride is and has always been man’s biggest downfall. Nations have overtaken prouder nations in history, where one nation thought they had everything and didn’t need to learn anything new from anyone else.

Realize that you don’t know certain things. Then learn them from those that do. If you are not good with talking with people in a social gathering, and you want to be… find out the strategies of how to develop that skill from someone who is proficient at it. If you want to learn to drive… you’d go to a driving instructor right? And you pay happily for those driving lessons.

Why then when it comes to learning strategies that will transform our lives are we so against investing in our most valuable asset? Ourselves? Simply, because quite often, we think we know it all. Successful people recognize the importance of learning from others. Professional singers hire and pay professional singing coaches. Why? They’re already stars and can sing right? Professional football clubs hire and pay coaches to train the players. Why? The players already know the game so why do they need a coach? Gymnasts, tennis players, people in business and multi-millionaires GET IT! They know that despite how much they know, someone who can always teach them or help them to know things they don’t know or help them to improve and successfully implement the things they do know. The most successful are those who understand that thinking you know it all is a trap for failure.

World champion boxers… have trainers don’t they? Why? They’re already knocking the lights out of people in the ring, what can old frail men teach them about fighting? They know that no matter what they do know there is always room for learning strategies or implementing strategies or even perfecting strategies that they can learn from someone else. It is never being at the top and thinking you know it all already.

That’s what makes winners. They aren’t afraid of investing in the proven strategies of others to improve their own. So there is a key difference in attitude and thinking between the successful and the not successful.

One value proven strategies, even when they are at the top of their game and pay those with experience to learn them. And those that remain mediocre think… “Yeah? What can he or she teach me?”

Remember the most important factor in choosing the best coach, trainer, or expert for you and that is making sure to only use the best who the best trusts for their success…Maximum Performance, we don’t think we know it all we just get you the results you want.


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