In order to make your success rock you need to know that being reasonable often means settling for typical results, while success usually requires us to step outside our normal behaviors, be different and, sometimes, not comfortable. Highly successful people are, for the most part, unusual people.

All of us have been pressured to stay with the status quo at one time or another. We’ve been told to be still in school, to not to interrupt or don’t make a scene. Many are criticized for dressing, speaking, acting, or thinking differently than others. It’s easy to see many entertainers who buck the norm. The subtle and less subtle pressures to accept traditional norms are great.  Seems like to get along, you have to go along with the majority but this will not likely make your success rock.

make your success rock with coach jWell, people like Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Oprah Winfrey are not admired because they were average. Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, and Bill Gates were not conventional types. A great example is Abraham Lincoln, widely regarded as the greatest American president, yet he was most known for among his friends was his stubborn refusal to quit running for office, even after he lost thirty-two elections. That is not normal and many would say crazy which is good to make your success rock.

One of the things that has made The United States, and capitalism great, is our love of individuality. We have always admired those who are unconventional like the Wright brothers who thought they could fly or Henry Ford who thought there could be a car in every garage. There is also someone like Mrs. Field who tried to support her family selling cookies. That’s either ridiculous or epic.

Now, let’s be honest, there are many crazy ideas. Many have had brilliant ideas in the middle of the night, only to find that in the clear light they weren’t really worth pursuing. Just because an idea is crazy doesn’t mean it’s going to be great.

Many great ideas and riches have been lost because the brilliant person who dreamed it did not think it was plausible or was just scared. Even the pressures of appearing to be normal can destroy all hopes.

Remember that all great ideas were crazy before they were great. Don’t forget about Alexander Bell who thought he could talk over copper wires, back in those days you would have too be really crazy but look where that idea has come to now with smartphones. How crazy was that back in those days?

I’m sure many of us have had numerous brilliant ideas, most of which were never pursued and that is sad because it really only takes one to be a genius.

The lesson is that success is not achieved by being ordinary nor is it achieved by being different, success is about following your own path and having the courage to intelligently pursue your dreams.

To achieve success, follow your heart and passions but remember to learn from others. Yes, you’ll want to learn from others. You become great by being yourself. There is only one of each of us so utilize what makes you uniquely different. Create a path that others want to follow and you will make your success rock.


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