In Life Or The NFL Draft The Keys To Success Share Many Similarities

The following article is about the NFL 2015 draft for the Atlanta Falcons and their keys to success which most everyone can take some strategies and apply to their own lives. Much credit to the success of the Falcon’s draft can be attributed to their new head coach who develop a fresh new attitude for his team.

Their are many keys to success but in an organizational environment it starts with the top, in this example the head coach presents a forward looking vision that included drafting players who would fit into his vision which is fast and physical. In your own lives, you actually dictate what vision you have for yourself and it is really upon you to make sure you surround your life with everything you need to achieve your goals or vision. For example, if being a doctor is your vision you take the steps to go through pre-med classes and then on to medical school with a period for interning and then pursuing your vision of being that doctor. Without aligning all the pieces needed to become a doctor your vision and efforts would be futile. Unfortunately, most may have the vision but lack the desire and necessary actions to achieve their goals.

In sports it’s even harder because you have a group of individuals on a team who have to share the same vision as one unit or else all will fail. Getting everyone on board for the commitment and taking that journey for the season is a very difficult process. The key to success is to have the head coach focus the team on the goals and do everything to make those goals happen. So, it starts at the top and has to disseminate throughout the whole team. If everyone can accept responsibility for doing their jobs it makes everything come together. If you do your part to achieve your goals or goals for the organization, you will be way ahead of everyone who will always be trying to catch up.


NFL Draft 2015: Quinn’s Influence a Key to Success

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere, you’ve probably heard by now that the Falcons had a successful draft. In fact, some analysts believe the Falcons had one of the top draft classes this year. While we won’t really know the true success of this draft for another couple of years, it’s hard to deny that it is a draft class that has succeeded in getting the fan base excited again, and it stands out as a starkly different class from those in the past.

But why is that? We all know that the front-office restructure put more draft responsibilities on Scott Pioli. That has certainly helped, but I don’t think it’s the key reason. As Aaron Freeman of has intimated this off-season, there is a clear vision of what the team will look like – and that vision was set first by new head coach Dan Quinn…


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