Humility is a key to success and a great indicator of success. There might be some opposing distinctions since humility connotes a less forceful image of the big egos found in many successful people. A truly successful person is able to balance the fierceness that one needs to see a goal through with the humilty to understand that there may be others who have contributed to the success.

One important item to note is that humility is excellent for identifying truly successful from those wanting to be successful because most who have achieved a certain level of greatness in life, business, or sports really have no need to seek attention. If a person has attained success, the attention will follow. Unfortunately, too many people get caught up in seeking the praise before any worthwhile action has occured. The lure of fame seems to lures those in dire need for attention. When this happens, focusing on the business at hand tends to take a backseat to attention starved individuals yet to achieve.

Achievement brings endless rewards and being able to include others who have helped in the achievement is not only a good sign of humility but a great sign of a great leader. Even greater is being able to help those less fortunate with success and helping them to share in the success or possibly helping them to overcome the barriers they are experiencing. Anyone can achieve success but few can do the things to humble themselves in the spotlight and share the experience with those deserving or less fortunate. A truly success person understands humility is a key to success.


An Overlooked Key to Success: Practical Humility







An Overlooked Key to Success: Practical Humility

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Ultra successful people are composed because they constantly monitor their emotions, they understand them, and they use this knowledge in the moment to react to challenging situations with self-control. When things go downhill, they are persistently

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