Life Coaching Is A Dangerous Road If You Really Want Success

A real good article on a life coach stating that self help more harmful than good and not something that may not really help because of the simple basic premises and general assumptions that are prevalent in the self help industry. There are many basic principles found in self help that are really harmful such as manifesting a thought and somehow magically it is. So, one could imaging a bill being paid and through the power of intent it’s paid off. Only in self help could you ever really imagine this happening.Life Coaching is dangerous

As an expert who corrects many problems caused by so called self help gurus and life coaches, I see so many highly intelligent and successful individuals duped into thinking that manifestation, Law of Attraction, and life coaching theories can help a person to advance move further ahead in some aspect of their life. Unfortunately most are drawn into the illusion that out of this world theories can help them realize something they could never attain before. In my real world approach, I use specific strategies targeted to the individual goals of each of my clients. It is all about using the right strategies and motivation that provides real world solutions to what each client wants to achieve. The system is all dependent on providing real results to achieve the long-term success of all my clients. Wishing for something to happen is self help and coaching, taking action and getting the results is The Maximum Performance System.


Life coach reveals the self-help advice that could be doing you more harm than good

Author and life coach, Sarah Alexander, 53, based in Godalming, Surrey, believes that not every aspect of the self-help movement is positive. Alexander is concerned that the movement is presenting a hugely over-simplified set of ideas and assumptions about life that risk causing more problems than they solve.


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