There are many skills for achieving success and they all play different roles in the pursuit of success. One of the most important skills is motivation. Motivation is a very powerful skill in accomplishing any objective. It is a definite prerequisite for achieving success. This is why every accomplishment really starts and ends with motivation. As you will learn, success fails in the absence of motivation. But what is motivation? What is the meaning of motivation?

Motivation can be easily explained as the exuberance for success. It is the stimuli or driving factor in the achievement of success. It is also the primary force for success within most individuals. If you are not motivated the lack of motivation is going to be apparent to most. The more motivated you are, all things being equal, the more likely you will achieve success, if you take the necesssary actions. This is why it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish anything in the absence of motivation.

Achieving SuccessThe implication are that you cannot succeed without motivation since success is rarely ever accidental. Simply as goal-setting precedes success, motivation precedes goal-setting. So, just as success cannot be achieved without goal-setting, your goals cannot be defined without motivation. The consequence of this is that success cannot be achieved without motivation. This helps to reinforce the fact that motivation is a precondition for achieving success.

The term motivation has assumed an important place in current times, especially among management and their evaluations of subordinates. Administrators at all levels are becoming increasingly aware of the need to assist their employees to become more productive through motivation. Administrators have realised that their organisations have very high probability of enjoying the highest productivities of their employees if they are all adequately motivated.

Motivation usually comes from within, although it can be induced externally. However, since you are the best recipient of your success and the worst victim of your failure, you should really not expect to be motivated by others before you strive for success. Success belongs to those who are self-motivated. If you expect to be motivated from external sources before you take the right steps in your own life, you probably will never succeed.

There are two basic success motivators. They are fear of failure and the joys of success. The disgrace, shame, embarrassment, dishonour, humiliation, aches, and sadness of failure and the joy, pleasure, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, and happiness of success are the incentives for greater commitment and drive in the pursuit of success. They are also the exhuberence, incentives, inspirations and stimulus for the pursuit of success.

People who are afraid of failure always do everything within their power to ensure that they can escape it or just never face it. This could be the benefit of anxiety. This shows that dread is not always negative, as many would believe. Observing the pleasure and happiness of success in the lives of successful people can also kindle the relentless pursuit for success. This is why interacting with or observing and analyzing the lives of highly successful people could be extremely rewarding. So, it is easy to conclude that motivation is the fuel that drives success. Similar to cars, if there is no fuel you will not be going anywhere. Make sure you are motivated!