It is easy for athletes to lose focus and even harder to keep motivation up

An athlete is always an athlete year round with no hiatus periods between seasons with training, mini camps, and other factors but one thing is always prevalent and that is trying to keep motivation up with external crisis. A crisis could be an illness like the flu, maybe an illness to a family member, finances, vacations (which can easily sap your motivation), or any other things that could happen in life.

Athletes will lose focus, motivation, and more no matter what the issues. Stress and anxiety can cause physical changes in an athlete’s body. Things like trigger points or muscle spasms can occur. Stress can cause an athlete’s visual field to narrow and anxiety can slow down reaction times for an athlete which will significantly reduce performance. There are many other psychological factors that can affect an athlete’s performance. Getting to know your body and mind with specialized motivational training exercises will alleviate the stress and increase performance levels.

Things like taking the free throw for the win or kicking a long field goal in overtime are major stress points but when external stress is added this becomes an even more daunting task. If the night before an athlete had an argument with their spouse this can cause severe tension and anxiety. So many variables, outside the actual sport, can occur and it is imperative for athletes to adapt to their situations 24/7. Sports motivation

Athletes should discover what causes them stress not only during athletic performance but also during life away from the game environment. When an athlete becomes stressed off the field, the effects of that stress can have a major impact on athletic performance. Athlete needs to stay in a stress free environment as much as possible. With proper sports motivation training, an athlete can keep an optimal stress free environment off the field and learn to adapt to the game time stress or even thriving on the high pressure. Successful athletes perform optimally no matter what the situation. It is hard to perform optimally when an athlete is under stress and does not have the sports motivation training to excel and win.

At Maximum Performance, we help athletes overcome the challenges on and off the field. Learning about the causes of various stress, anxiety, aggression, and many other crisis situations while incorporating specialized sports motivation training designed to each athlete’s unique characteristics  have propelled many athletes to victory both on and off the field. Success in sports, life, and business is a science and having a proven system that makes champions propels us to being the best and helping the best.


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