Fear of Failure Can Be Extremely Motivating For Success

Does fear hold you back from achieving your maximum performance? If you are unable to crush your performance barriers and are getting headaches thinking about what to do, it’s a good sign that you are limited by your fears. Fear comes in various forms; it can be fear of succeeding, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and so on. There are many who worry about all the fears that they conjure in their head.

One of the biggest fears competitors face is the athlete fear of failure because it can hamper athletes from performing their best and can cause athletes to give up their aspirations in sports. If you are always trying to figure things out when it comes to giving a better performance but get even more frustrated with your progress then you have a big issue. 

athlete fear of failure

Athletes compensate by trying to practice harder as opposed to understanding the sports psyche first. Instead of looking at the motivational factors athletes will look to changing their training routines, try new strategies, or look elsewhere instead of examining their internal machine inside the head. It’s so easy to over compensate with the physical as opposed to the mental aspects.

If you cannot work efficiently covering all the areas from mental to physical you will hit a barrier created by the fear of failure that will keep you in a slump for a long time unless you are able to identify the symptoms and know what to do to get you over the slump. Don’t get caught up into the work harder in training or during practice to overcome athlete fear of failure. Being an athlete is also being someone who can understand that performance is equally overcoming mental hurdles as well as the physical hurdles. 

Athletes must not fear failure, instead accept failure as an opportunity to learn and grow to be a better performer. This is the time to strengthen mindset and get even mentally stronger. Do this and your will to win grow to higher levels? 

Remember that most fear of failure is derived from an intense desire to compete, succeed, and win. When you have the end result in mind and you fail to achieve the goal that disappointment will set you back unless you accept this as an opportunity to get stronger and better for the next game. Don’t avoid the fear; replace it with the knowledge and experience to succeed mentally for the next game. Create that mental picture or vision that pushes your mind to victory as opposed to the fear of failure. When you focus on the victory, as opposed to the failure, you will grow closer to winning.  

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