Super Bowl Motivation

The early odds, at the start of Super Bowl 50 week, has the NFC Champion Carolina Panthers favored by 6 over the AFC Champion Denver Broncos but it would not be an upset to see the Denver Broncos win another championship especially with their motivation. Denver, being the early underdogs, will be facing a very talented team but their motivation levels will be on high.

motivation for super bowlPeyton Manning, the iconic 39 year old quarterback, could be ready to ride off in the sunset after this game and his team has the motivation to make this a reality for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. For added motivation, Denver’s All Pro linebacker, DeMarcus Ware, is getting to a time where this could be his last shot at a championship as well and this will be his first appearance in the big game in 10 seasons. So you will have players on both ┬ásides of the ball for Denver who are well respected by their teammates who would like nothing better than winning it for their respective leaders. This is not to say that the Carolina Panthers have no motivation, a younger team always has something to prove, but the time is now or never for the Denver Broncos. Carolina is a very talented team that should be favored, the key will be if they can control their emotions in the biggest game of their lives.

The Broncos have played a difficult schedule this year with five victories over playoff teams and add two victories over the New England Patriots, as well, which makes the Broncos very seasoned not to fall into the hype trap that the Super Bowl can play on many younger players. The Panthers have a great defense, just like Denver’s, but the Panther’s have faced better quarterbacks in their schedule.

So it should be a good battle with the #1 seeds from each conference battling it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The young, talented Carolina Panthers versus the veteran Denver Broncos in an epic showdown. Carolina favored by six early in the week but give Denver a slight edge on motivation and let’s see what happens.


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