There is no doubt that motivation plays a key factor in winning and every advantage is something all athletes and people should pursue in sports or life. If you don’t get the edge somebody else will and leave you in the dust, that is just absolute fact. So, considering all the motivation tips, strategies, and techniques here is a not so well known sports motivation secret booster that may give you an edge and it centers on something accessible to all.

Colors impact us in many ways, for example red is used on stop signs and many sales signs and evokes fear or excitement. Pink has a calming effect on the brain and blue is associated with trust. sports motivationThe color green is the best color for boosts in motivation. Researchers have found that green sparks motivation and creativity. The first study was published in 2012 in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology via six researchers at the University of Essex. The second study was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology in 2012. These two studies suggest that seeing the color green may make you more creative and motivated. Now lets be clear, just because you see green you probably won’t be winning a gold medal for the 100 yard dash if you don’t have world class speed to start but all things being even, an advantage, no matter how small, can be that sports motivation secret booster difference maker.

Something you can easily do is take a walk in a nice garden, forest, or anywhere there is a lot of shrubs and trees. If you are at work find some patches of grass or trees and take a stroll. When you get back to your workplace you just might feel a little more motivated. It’s an advantage that may not be extremely noticeable to some but it may be amazingly incredible to others. To be truly open, it’s always the few that experience success since success is usually limited to the few who take every advantage in life, business, or sports.

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