Anthony Davis is entering his fourth season as a star with the New Orleans Pelican’s and he is the leader who is ready to apply sports motivation to his teammates to ensure a winning season.  As one of the top players in the N.B.A., he has a good grasp on what it takes to succeed. One of his priorities is to lead his teammates and make sure their sports motivation levels will be high for the season. Davis understands that it starts with respecting your teammates and being a leader is something that is earned.

He states that he wants his teammates to get on him if they ever see him slack and this is a great indicator of a great leader. Just because you are the star of the team does not prevent oneself from slumping on occasions. Understanding that even the leader might need a sports motivation boost gives credibility to being able to lead this team. At this point in his early career, Anthony Davis is well positioned to being one of the top players in the N.B.A. for many years to come.

Many athletes, executives, and leaders can take some good points from Anthony Davis on being a leader and motivator. Being able to recognize that stepping into any leadership role is done through actions not words. Saying your the leader does not make you the leader, you have to earn the position based on what you do, accomplish, and earn. Additionally, being able to recognize that a leader may have off days and needing your team to to call you out without any hesitation is a good thing to ensure success. Any motivation whether sports motivation, business motivation, or life motivation depends on ones ability to know that there will be ups and downs but being able to overcome difficult times is easier with a group effort and having key people know that they will also need motivating as well.

Anthony Davis not afraid to rip teammates who need motivation






Anthony Davis not afraid to rip teammates who need motivation

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The New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis has been doing plenty of leading by example during his first three NBA seasons. He finished fifth in MVP voting last year, and averaged 24.4 points and 10.2 rebounds while leading the league in blocked shots for …

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