It Is All About Results Here

You can either pay for theories, hypothetical laws, and warm fuzzy methods or invest in yourself, get real results, and achieve your goals. 

For our new clients we offer a Maximum Performance® exclusive Name Your Price To Achieve Your Goal to experience the power of actions equals results. This is for first time clients only and is limited to one goal to achieve. At Maximum Performance we are very transparent and the introductory investment really only serves as an opportunity to realize your goal. Our unique approach is based on our proprietary Maximum Performance® system model that as each client gets the result they want to achieve,  they want even more results, and eventually leads to achieving what was once impossible becoming possible. The bottom line is that our incredible success is solely based on the incredible success of our family of clients. 

This is not for you if you are looking for coaching, there are many coaches if you want the rehashed theoretical, Maximum Performance is only about the solution that leads to the results, not coaching. We are here to give you the best opportunity to achieve your goals and move even further ahead by achieving greater goals. If you feel you are not worth it this isn’t going to be for you.

Most people can live their lives without advancing and achieving goals, that is why they are most, but once you experience being able to break free of average and start to achieve goals, you will understand the true value of what our clients already know.

Name Your Price To Achieve Your Goal: For First Time Clients Only

This is the investment in you to achieve the result you want! No theories, no coaching, and no doubts. Only actions that leads to result that leads to more results and real long term success. The system used by the world’s highest achievers for real results that is far more advanced than anything available for your success. 

Maximum Performance Programs

Maximum Life Goals

$2150/per month

Life Goals To Achieve

Free 30 Minute Intro Session
Two 1 Hour Calls
Up To 3 Emails
Feature #4

Maximum Business Goals

$3700/per month

Small Business Goals To Achieve

Free 1 Hour Intro Session
Two 1 Hour Calls
Up To 4 emails
Feature #4

Maximum Executive Goal

$5000/per month

Executive Goals To Achieve

Free 1 Hour Intro Session
Three 1 Hour Calls
Up To 5 emails
Feature #4

Maximum Performance Specialized Programs

Returning Clients Specific Maximum Goals For Targeted Results

$TBD/per goals

Welcome back now greater goals to be crushed

Custom program designed around goal to achieve
Complete support and follow up to ensure long term success
Feature #3
Feature #4

Corporate Goals

$TBD/per goals

An organization's ability to take action and dominate rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage

Custom designed program designed to goal
Complete support and follow up to ensure long term success
If desired, presentation to board on program and results
Feature #4


$TBD/per goals

A champions motivation above and beyond winning starts and ends here

Custom designed program designed to goal
Complete support and follow up to ensure long term success
Game day booster call
Feature #4

Sports Teams

$TBD/per goals

Commitment to a total team effort makes champions

Custom designed program designed to goal
Complete support and follow up to ensure long term success
Pre-game strategy call
Feature #4

The Ultimate Program For Ultimate Success

Maximum Performance Black

$1.1 Million/per year

The view is always better when you get to the top and staying there instead of always trying to climb up hoping to get there

Comprehensive full year master level maximum performance system
Specially designed program customized to clients goals
Complete support and follow up to ensure long term success
Private phone and email access to Coach J for the year
Priority access with Coach J for immediate response
Pre-arranged one on one meetings with Coach J for the year
Coach J speaks at your special event of the year (corporate/charity/ceremony)
Exclusive enhancements never available to anyone else
VIP concierge service to assist you on all levels to facilitate all your needs
Lifetime membership in the exclusive Champions Club

Maximum Performance Mini Camp

It’s Time To Get Into The Zone Ready To Win Your Game 

Remember when you seemed to be on top of your game? You had those killer workouts, training was fun, intense, and focused. Your mind, body, and spirit was working together and you were unstoppable. Then again, maybe you never even got to that point ever. Well, now it’s time to get there!

Maximum Performance® Mini Camp is a specialized intensive for those working out with or without personal trainers. We give you all the pro skills to synchronize your mind, body, and spirit to all work together and deliver your best workouts, motivation, and mental focus. This is where you go from here and now to never thought I would be at this stage ever. You will never workout the same again and make all your future workouts extraordinary. You will also get back to the office and home with more positive energy ready to crush everything.   

You will connect your motivational drives and mental focus with your physical output. Working out will never ever be the same for you, you will will produce results you never thought possible and extend your drive to all aspects of your life and career.

sports motivation
maximum performance coach j
sports motivation coach j
Coach J sports motivation

We limit the number of participants to approximately ten and bring in specialized experts from various backgrounds in training, motivation, and athletics. Depending on availability, we may have world champions overseeing various programs too. This is a once a year program that has a waiting list.

For more information, please email us or to get back on top of your game place a $500.00 deposit now to avoid the waiting list.

Move me to the front of the line here is my deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Held in Southern California, usually in Orange County or Los Angeles at a premiere training facility. There may be a 1/2 day of camp held on the beach. More details will be provided closer to actual dates. 

Usually late Spring or early Summer.

Three days of mini camp will start with an introductory breakfast on the first day, meeting, and warm up and stretching. Followed by some physical and mental conditioning drills. Activities will focus on various aspects of physically competing and incorporating The Maximum Performance® Winning Motivation System. A post cool down and stretch followed by lunch. Afternoon session will focus on more individualized physical and mental conditioning. End of first day leads to dinner and time to network.

Day 2 and 3 will follow the same format with more specialized training and individual concentration. 

Prior to attending mini camp, you will be sent a packet with all the specific details.   

$4,799 (price includes prior $500 deposit fee – total due is $4,299) for the 3 day Mini Camp. 

Discounted hotel rates will be available.

There is a $75 administrative fee for cancellations without at least 72 hour prior notice by phone or email notification.