Sports Motivation After The $300 Million Fight Of The Century

There is nothing better than seeing professional athlete’s celebrating their victories, or rather, in this particular case, their loss. After the mega boxing match between Mayweather and Pacquiao in Las Vegas, Mayweather spent over a million dollars on bottles of champagne. It’s his money so he should do with it as he wants. On the other hand, Pacquiao went to volunteer at a Las Vegas orphanage with no fanfare, media, or anything. Definitely a contrast in sport motivation.

Obviously we have two professional athletes who have different priorities and making no judgement on one or the other. It is just an interesting paradox to see the motivational drive between different personalities. Sports is a great environment where you can see so many different personalities all trying to compete for the same thing, which is usually a victory, but having different backgrounds.  Furthermore, considering boxing and the famous boxing movie series, Rocky, you see so many different transformation of Rocky throughout the series and all the different personality types of his movie opponents.

Sports motivation, especially inner driving motivation with deep roots, is a powerful force that inspires those who are able to tap into it to do some amazing things not just in sports but outside in the non-sports world too.  It’s very well known that Pacquiao came from dirt poor poverty in the Philippines and his connection to those roots drives him to help those in need immediately after the biggest fight and loss of his life. This is motivation that fuels a drive that few will ever reach.

In my consultations with many professional athletes, I always learn what drives them to excel and what drives them intrinsically. By discovering their motivation patterns, I am able to develop motivational strategies that combines their athletic performance with their deep intrinsic fortitude to create one of the top sports motivation systems available.

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In fact, the visit to St. Jude’s is something of a tradition for Pacquiao stretching back to his first trip to the orphanage back in 2001. Pacquiao was boxing professionally then, but he was nowhere close to the level of fame he’s …

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