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Maximum Performance®

The #1 Success System For High Achievers Creating And Keeping The Top 1% On Top

What separates dreams from reality?

What separates most from the few?

What separates Maximum Performance® from the rest?


It’s simple, if you are one of the few who has achieved the extraordinary and want to achieve even more now that’s Maximum Performance®. Additionally, if you have achieved in one area and now want to achieve even more in another area then this is the answer. This is what we do better than anyone else in the world. This is not for everyone but the few who are the best and know they need the best for more success. Maximum Performance® focuses on your results and, consequently, our noted success is completely based on your results. 

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What Is Maximum Performance®

The most advanced proprietary success system used by the world’s highest achievers for extraordinary results. Coach J, the world’s top maximum performance expert, developed this proven system in the most competitive environments for the most challenging goals. Completely based on an individual’s unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Instead of placing client’s into a one size fits all coaching program, as most do, we rather take the time to understand your characteristics and patterns. Afterwards, we develop a strategic plan designed around you and your goals that we straightaway assist you in executing.

See some of our proprietary elements that you get in the Maximum Performance® System and then you know why the very best demand only the best to succeed.

Proprietary Elements

Exclusive only to Maximum Performance®


Specific formulas used to win with a focused mindset and abilities to overcome all challenges.


Modeling frameworks of top achievers in various areas of success that are customized to your goals.

Real Time Adjustments

Real time adjustments to increase your effectiveness to achieve results and long-term success.


Acquire specific strategies designed around your characteristics that we execute with you for results.

Champions Edge

Provide the complete skill sets and direction you need to not achieve your goals but exceed them.

Pro Sports Approach

Compete, dominate, and win the same way as world champions achieve their victories with the system.

Our expertise in knowing your unique tendencies, motivations, and other patterns enables us to deliver your highest percentage of success. Furthermore, it is important to understand that our proprietary modeling frameworks are based on the highest achievers that we have indeed worked with for over a decade. Because of this, it gives us a great advantage in being able to deliver solutions the top 1% need. Besides doing what everyone else does only results in average results, at best. Therefore specializing in the world’s highest achievers eliminates everything that will not work.

In addition, another proprietary method we pioneered and considered the best in applications for clients is our ability to make real time adjustments with your individualized program. The system integrates your unique reactions and we can concurrently make any adjustments in real time to deliver your highest percentage of results and long-term success with Maximum Performance®. No longer will you have to hear just be patient, it takes time, or you need to buy this as well.

Most important, knowing that your individualized program is completely based on your own unique characteristics, your specific goals, and is totally action based and not theoretical ensures your greatest success now.

Maximum Performance® is the #1 system used by the world’s highest achievers because it delivers the results. Combined with the top maximum performance expert you have the rare opportunity to maximize your success with the best. Only Mike, Kobe, and Shaq had Phil, Brady had Belechick, and Serena has Mouratoglou. If you wanted to be like Mike, you needed the system and expert, but now you can access the system and expert for those extraordinary results in your life, business, and sports just like the best, who only use the best. 



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Maximum Performance® is here to solve your needs see if you qualify now:

It is recommended that you have previously attained a high level of success in one area of your life, business, sports, or other field. 

Due to high demand and effort we invest in each of our clients' success we limit our services to 5 clients per year for load management, a practice we started way before others.

Investment in your continued success starts at $100K to over $1M per year depending on your specific needs.