Maximum Performance Crushes All Coaching

The Results Are Real

Coaching Versus Maximum Performance Head To Head


‌ Coaching is based on the same old methodologies used by everybody else and renamed to fit the niche of a particular coach.
‌ Coaching origins are from sports but fails to produce the achievements and results of real professional coaches from sports.
‌ Coaches struggle and constantly focus on getting new clients and up-sells with little regard to the success of their clients.
‌ Coaches fail to achieve their on success yet claim they can change your life, their initial consultations are sales pitches.
‌ Coaching utilizes courses, seminars, or books you can get in any bookstore and you would save more money and time.
‌ Coaches are usually part-timers and have little concern for client’s results because they need to focus on paying their bills.
‌ Coaching is centered on antiquated theories adopted by each coach and given to clients without knowing their clients.
‌ Coaching practices are all varied and sporadic with little industry control, no oversight by outside entities, or standards.
‌ Coaches continually rename their coaching program periodically to lure new clients but it’s the same old coaching program.
‌ Coaching is used by the average person expecting average results so coaches fail to generate any real success.


‌ Maximum Performance is unique, proven, and ever evolving for each client. There is no one program that fits all.
‌ Maximum Performance incorporates professional sports strategies and motivation used by world champions.
‌ Maximum Performance is financially successful and has no need for up-selling, we focus on delivering results.
‌ Maximum Performance extraordinary success is totally-based on client results, our success is your success.
‌ Maximum Performance is a proprietary success system used by elite achievers that no coach can ever access.
‌ Maximum Performance is a full service corporation committed to every clients’ results and long-term success.
‌ Maximum Performance constantly develops new strategies, motivation, and applications to ensure client success.
‌ Maximum Performance maintains the highest professional standards & ethics which are reflected in our demand.
‌ Maximum Performance core foundation never changes-real results for clients! It’s all about your success.
‌ Maximum Performance is used by the world’s high achievers who demand extraordinary results which we deliver.

In a recent independent survey given to people who had taken either life coaching, executive coaching, or both and Maximum Performance, an overwhelming average rating of 98% was given to Maximum Performance while coaching received an average rating of 15% or lower based on overall results, success, and satisfaction. 

The Simple Proven 3 Key Principles Of Success

The first key principle of success is knowing that in order to be the your best, you always need to use the best. Do you want an old, used, Ford Focus driving your success or would you choose a fast, high-powered Ferrari to drive that success? There is nothing wrong driving a plain average car, most do, but keep in mind that the second key principle of success is never doing what most do. Maximum Performance is not for everyone because if everyone could achieve success then success would never exist. Finally, the third key principle of success is understanding that success is actually predetermined…average (99%) will always choose coaching while high achievers (1%) will always choose Maximum Performance, refer to the first principle of success.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You Either Want Coaching Or A Proven System That Works And Delivers Real Results!



Why Choose Maximum Performance?
The short answer is do you want the same old rehashed coaching programs or do you want real results?

Coaching theories and methodologies are fine if you want (antiquated) theories and methodologies, remember those math theories in algebra class? It’s safe to say not many use them other than to pass a school exam.

Maximum Performance is a custom tailored system designed to each clients specific characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Instead of applying antiquated coaching theories and building your hopes up to up sell you on a platinum coaching program that would work better, we actually invest our time to learn about you and what makes you tick then apply the right system that will make you thrive, achieve, and maximize your success. Think New England Patriots having a constant evolving system that each player is able to succeed and win.

Isn’t Working With A Coach And Traditional Coaching Better For Me?
Lets get real, real professional coaching and coaches are only found in sports. Real coaches such as Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, and Coach J analyze, are strategic, they motivate, and execute game plans for their team and players. They spend endless hours reviewing tape, learning all the tendencies of the upcoming opponents, and design a specific game plan in order to gain victories. Real coaching is based on performance, results, and success which is the basis of The Maximum Performance System. Pseudo coaching and coaches, that most refer to as life coaches, get a book, take a course or seminar, and repackage it into their own program. Most pseudo coaches have never achieved success for themselves, how would they be able to help you achieve yours? Fake coaching can’t invest in their clients because they need to constantly sell and up sell in order to survive. It’s a one size fits all approach in the pseudo coaching industry.

What Makes Maximum Performance So Effective?
As stated above, common sense would already answered this question. The bottom line always comes down to real results and real success. We take the responsibility of each of our clients results very seriously. We place limits on the number of clients we service, this is even more indicative of our commitment to each of our clients success because of our high demand. There is nothing that says we care about your success by turning down more money to be able to insure every clients success. A great referral base with a lot of demand for what we do doesn’t hurt either. Nothing matters more to us than your success and we will never compromise on our core principle. There is only one reason that we are successful and it’s based on the fact that our success is directly correlated to the success of all our clients. We takes this to heart and is reflected in your results.

Another important key that makes us rise well beyond pseudo coaching is the fact that we are always evolving our programs to higher advanced levels because our clients are consistently getting to higher and higher levels of success. One of our biggest advantages, from an application basis, is that we are able to constantly fine tune our programs for each client, on the fly, based on what they need to insure their maximum success. In pseudo coaching they can only follow their old theories and stick with them throughout their program. We can’t and will never implement a stagnant coaching program because failure is unacceptable to us and our clients.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?
Our pricing is solely based on what you want to achieve. First, we will have a brief conversation to learn more about you and understand what results you would like to achieve. In a nutshell, we need to understand what you want and then determine the amount of time we will need to invest in your results. We have been doing this for almost a decade and have an accurate forecast of the cost for our commitment to you. Unlike coaching, we go over every detail beforehand and never up sell you to continue on with a more advanced program that you will need in order to succeed.

Just some common sense here, if you want a new, sleek, high-powered Lamborghini it’s not going to be the price of a used Chevy but keep in mind this is a complete system that applies to all areas of your life and will generate maximum results throughout your lifetime. There are many people who are stuck on life coaching and go to many seminars, mastermind groups, and platinum programs in hopes of success wasting more time and money over and over but, when it’s all said and done, spent all their money on nothing more than false hope. Good rule of thumb for anything that really matters to you is never go cheap because it will cost you more in the end.

This is simply an investment in you, your results, and your success. If you’re not in a position to do that this is definitely not going to be right for you.

For every new client we can add to our winning team, we always take a percentage of their investment and apply it to our scholarship program. Our clients and ourselves are proud to donate our services to worthy clients who may not ordinarily be able to purchase our services. Some past recipients have been military families, teachers, charitable organizations, and others. If you feel like this might be a viable alternative, we would like to hear from you.

Are There Any Clients You Won’t Work With?
This is very rare, we have worked with many individuals and organizations from so many diverse backgrounds, experiences, and environments. It has been our experience that it really does not matter where you came from but rather where you want to go. Having the very unique opportunity to work with so many different clients gives our clients even more advantages because we are able to take everyone’s unique situations to help everyone who utilizes our services. After the initial conversation, we can determine if we will be able to get the desired results and if it’s something that would not be a best fit for everyone, we always try to offer other viable alternatives.

How Can We Initiate An Initial Consultation?
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