On many given days most executives are faced with making critical decisions that will greatly impact their organizations but often lack a definitive approach for reaching those decision. It is essential for every executive to have a trusted system that they can rely on to evaluate each decision and lead their organization much like a quarterback making all the right calls to drive the team to a touchdown.

When a decision needs to be made and an executive tends to dance around the situation this usually happens from the need to be 100% certain or not having enough confidence in their abilities. Time is always important in any decision but you tend to see many executives sending people all over to gather more facts in order to make a correct choice as close to 100% as humanly possible. Being perfect or always wanting to be right is something that one should avoid. An executive can often sabotage themselves by waiting until the last moment so if a decision turns out to be way off the mark they can say that they ran out of time or else they didn’t have all the information they needed. So what ends up happening is the executive delays the process and then everyone in the organization keeps spinning their wheels searching for some sort of certainty while all the other work is not getting done.

In making critical decisions their needs to be a reliable system that executives or leaders understand to trigger an effective process to making a fast and best decision possible. An effective system is one that avoids all the outdated theories or methodologies typically present in executive coaching and based on the instinctive strengths of the executive which is analogous to a quarterback playing football being able to go through progressions to find the best possible target.


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