Dangers Of Life Coaching And Life Coaches

Achieving success in life is a dream that many people would like to turn into reality, however, the truth is that most will never realize this dream and even less through life coaching. Success in anything is earned by the few who are willing to do what the majority are not able to do for a variety of reasons. This  dilemma is  the essence of success. If everyone  was successful, success would not exist it would just be the norm or just be average.

life coachingThe bottom line…you want to be successful in some or all areas of your life so you turn to life coaching to achieve and become your best but the real dilemma is you are using the same thing everyone else is using which can only result in you being average at best. Even your life coach is average, at best, so do you really think you are going to get the results you really want?  Do you really think the world’s highest achievers are using that life coaching program you use? TRUTH: LIFE COACHING IS AVERAGE AT BEST!!!

The plain and simple facts that a life coach hopes you will never know. Life coaching and life coaches use the same old basic life coaching methodologies for each and every client so you get the same theories and results everyone else gets. Good if you want to be average, ordinary, and typical.

Life coaches say they can improve the quality of your life and consistently make promises they can never keep which always leaves their clients at a dead end. Furthermore, your valuable time and money is wasted.

Most life coaches work part-time, if at all, and depend on continually signing new business, up-selling, teaching others on how to be a life coach, and forget their clients. A coach has bills so making money is the focus not their clients long-term success.

The average median yearly salary of a full-time life coach in the U.S. is $30-$40K, which means there are a lot of life coaches earning well below $30K per Forbes.com. Coaches claim to be able to help you yet they can’t even help themselves.

Life coaches rarely disclose their full bios or resumes due to the fact that their own success has been average at best or worse so they cover-up listing achievements. If the coaches can’t achieve for themselves then it is common sense that they are not going to be able to help you.

The life coaching industry evolved from sports, which is where the real term and true definition of a “professional coach” is originally derived from and really exists. Try finding a life coach who knows what competing and winning is about especially when you’re looking to win the game of life.

Life coaching, like many areas of personal development and self-help, are purely theoretical with no substantiated results. Real coaching which is found in sports can easily see results, you either win or lose. If a real coach failed to get the desired outcomes they review film, make adjustments, and prepare a better plan of attack to win. Real coaching is measured in victories, championships, and results. Life coaching is based on the same rehashed theories that are often renamed to portray something new when it’s the same old useless life coaching theory. Law of Attraction, NLP, Cognitive Coaching, and many more names are nothing new just rehashed.life coach

It should be worthwhile to note the widely-publicized incident in Sedona, Arizona where a popular life coach, self-help guru, star of The Secret, author, and convicted felon who claimed to change lives held a retreat, which some paid up to $9,000, and unfortunately ended in several participants’ demise. Anyone can call themselves a coach but very few can really help you achieve any success. Don’t be fooled by any life coaching title, real professional coaching is based on sports, competing, winning, and actual results. It’s about competing not only in sports but your life and business. Everyday people compete and you need results to get you where you need to be in your life…Maximum Performance is results!

The very best life coaches are the best marketers, they know how to market their coaching business to the most people. It’s just the nature of business and this isn’t the problem. The problem is when you as a prospective client has expectations that life coaching will take you to a higher level in your life or deliver results that the average person can’t achieve you are left with the eventual feeling of frustration and asking yourself why you even did it?

The solution to avoid this from happening to you is using Maximum Performance, the #1 proven success system used by the world’s highest achievers, it’s not life coaching it’s results. Remember the basic principle of success which states that when you do everything that everyone else will do, like life coaching,  you will get the same results that everyone else will get at best. Like all our proprietary elite success systems, Maximum Performance is a custom tailored system designed to your own individual characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses so you can achieve maximum results for maximum success. It is your choice and your life…do what the average will do and get the same average results everyone else gets or get the results that the successful few achieve?

Your Results, Your Success, Your Choice! If you still wonder what if or think about doing it later then welcome to life coaching and staying average. If you’re committed to finally getting results and never wasting precious time, which you will never get back, then it’s time to do it now!

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