Keep An Eye Out For Life Coach Scams

So you think a life coach can help you and you’re thinking about finding the right one for you or, even worse, you have one right now then you better be prepared to take a second look at that life coach and hope it’s not the typical life coach scam. Life coaches are like the dreaded used car salespeople who can drive you into signing up for things you really don’t need. Here are some valuable insights that you should be aware before signing-up for any coaching.

The term “coach” evolved from athletic coaching and sports which produce results for athletes and teams but is completely vague when referencing life coaching. It really is an uncontrolled wild west nowadays with life coaches who claim to help you with all their warm and fuzzy terminology that never produce results just confusion for their clients. Things like Law of Attraction do not produce success unless hoping to attract your goals by wishing are your expectations.  No matter what term the life coach designates for themselves, remember they are salespeople, first and foremost, and you need to be just as cautious when discussing facts. Be extremely mindful if a coach says they are certified because car salespeople are certified too. It might be better to ask if they even went to an accredited college and earned any type of degree. It would not make sense if you have a Master’s Degree while your coach only earned a GED.

life coach scam

A life coach claims to help you get unstuck but they are not shrinks either so depending on what solutions you need many coaches are not equipped to deal with various situations. If you need motivation your coach is probably not going to be able to target the issues where you want results. There are so many coaches who claim they can help you but they have absolutely no background or experience to give you what you need other than collecting your hard earned money and wasting your time. Make sure you know the background and experience of the life coach especially with regard to what type of expertise you need. If that coach hasn’t achieved at least the same or more success in a particular area you need help with it would be useless. It would be more beneficial to donate your money to a charity that touches your heart.

Sometimes just asking your family or friends for a different perspective gives you the same or even more benefit than any life coach could ever give. It is always good to get a second opinion, comments, or just a different take on thing that affect you in your life from those who are closest to you, after all, they will know you better than any life coach. It is unlikely that your family or friends would ever try to up-sell you on any free advice so pick up the phone or have dinner with that confident before turning to a life coach.

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4 Responses to “Don’t Get Into A Life Coach Scam”

  1. Dis Gruntled

    Marie Forleo has a bachelor’s degree in Finance so she is actually an expert on business. Her B School is very generic and teaches very little but does so in an entertaining Oprah “go ahead girlfriend” style that women find compelling.

    Go to a small business consultant and learn about feasibility and create a business plan.

    Notice that the life coaches that make the most money, are selling the get rich quick scheme of becoming a life coach. Their market is wannabe ife coaches who are driven by ego and the delusion that they can use their “expertise” to make money.

    Invest your money in gold instead. Or take a vacation. But save your hard earned cash.

    • Coach J

      Good thoughts on coaching.

      It’s important to note that having a Bachelor’s degree in any subject doesn’t make you an expert, it only means you passed your finals and were issued a degree. Having both an MBA and Bachelor’s, myself, from two of the premiere private universities does not make me an expert in business. It is what I have done with my degrees to actually achieve the results plus the unique skills to mentor others to realize their own goals which makes for an expert. It’s all about the results.

  2. Christopher

    As a life coach myself, I completely understand where this article is coming from. I often find myself very frustrated by the oodles and oodles of individuals who “decide” they are life coaches without any earned expertise, formal training, or professional coaching experience. What’s worse, most coach training programs spend more time convincing their “students” that they are worth large amounts of money than they do actual training. The ICF has helped by setting formal standards based on real research and data, but even their certification is no guarantee that you are hiring someone with the expertise and experience to really help you. I graduated from one of the “best” accredited coach training programs, but I was nowhere near ready to coach at a high level. It took huge amounts of dedication to development, my own research, a masters degree in educational leadership, and huge amounts of experience before I was actually guiding people to the results that made me worth what I was charging. There are other good ones out there, but definitely “buyer beware.” Most coaches don’t even realize they are part of the scam. I know I didn’t. And for those who want to be coaches, you are the ones getting scammed most of all. Don’t think it’s as easy as the “training programs” tell you it is. And don’t focus on developing your sales skills, as you will undoubtedly be directed. Develop real coaching skills. The results you help people create will lead to all the referrals you need to grow and sustain your business. Most people don’t pay for coaching. They pay for real expertise that get real results that address their real needs.


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