There are many people who use a life coach and they can be called many names from Law of Attraction coach to self optimization coach but no matter what they call themselves one should be very cautious of how they can adversely affect your life. With so many courses, seminars, and books on being a life coach there are just too many unanswered questions about what a coach can do for you. Just check the internet and you can find online programs that claims to make you a life coach for as little as $10. So, if you are thinking about getting a life coach you better rethink your expectations and match them to the reality of achieving your goals.

Let’s correlate life coaching with personal training and see the similarities and differences between the two professions. If you get a personal trainer you have expectations of possibly losing weight, building muscles, improving flexibility, or some other goal. In the end, you hope to see some verifiable results as you progress with your training sessions otherwise you would be wise to drop your trainer or seek another. In life coaching, the difficulty is trying to see some tangible progression with goals that could be called long-term and not having any verifiable results other than the life coach giving  you positive reinforcement that you are doing better. To be more open most coaches would probably claim you are doing better and this would be a perfect time to up sell you on an even better coaching program that would accelerate your progress. It’s not as uncommon as you would think and with the financial burdens most coaches face selling you on a longer commitment is their driving force.

life coaching is badThere are plenty reasons to get a life coach but there are even more reasons not to get a life coach. The majority of coaches get their training, if they even have some training, through a book, course, or seminar. It would be well worth noting the most profitable niche in life coaching is selling how to be a life coach program rather than actually being a practicing life coach. Many life coaches enter life coaching to be a life coach but the reality of not producing a self-sustaining income drives most coaches to coaching others how to be a life coach. Here’s a valuable tip if you want life coaching go get a book or take a course on being a life coach and save a lot of money by not getting a life coach and being a life coach yourself.

Coaching never means results it usually means wasting a lot of money and a lot of time. To get yourself moving ahead of where you are now involves having an expert how has achieved in their own life, career, or business. It really is an expert who has demonstrated achievements for themselves that can get you to that higher level. A real professional coach in every sense of the term and origin comes from sports. A real coach actually coaches their players/team to achieve tangible goals, in most cases, winning in the most competitive environments so they can be their best with the goal of being champions. The X’s and O’s, motivation, focus, and training is real coaching that will produce real results and success.




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