Life Coach Catches Police Attention

Another typical example of a life coach gone bad in life. It is a good reminder that life coaching is a very risky proposition and placing all your hopes and dreams in the hands of a life coach is a gamble that you must assume.

Life coaching is based on methodologies that are antiquated and then given a new product name to revitalize the concept or else a life coach will give themselves a new title like life optimizer to portray something in the present. No matter what it will be renamed it is still the same useless methodologies that really is as simple as wishing for something to happen in life and hoping it comes true.

In my personal experience dealing with many people who did not know better by assuming their life coach promises to help them reach all their aspirations as fact points to the strength of most coaching which is to sell to the emotional hopes of clients. This is the shiny, new life syndrome that many fall for in coaching. Hoping that old re-hashed theories can help is only a wish that never becomes reality.  There is really only one goal for anyone to consider life coaching and that is finding solutions that will turn into results which become long-term success. Unfortunately this is not coaching, rather, this is only found in the proven system for success used by high achievers who get real results. Maximum Performance is the only proven system that is individually designed for each client for specific results and success. This is real professional coaching that is all about the clients success not pseudo coaching.


Scottsdale ‘life coach’ Peter Davis catches police attention, charged with indecent exposure

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A man who makes his living as a life coach has to answer for some alleged bad life decisions. Peter Winslow Davis has been mentoring people for 15 years, according to his life-coaching website. He’s based out of Scottsdale. And it was …

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