It should be no surprise to anybody who has experienced most life coaching that even the Cookie Monster is a life coach. There are so many people who can take a $10 online course and get a certificate that says they are a life coach. Hopefully, people who are serious about seeking the help of a real professional coach will understand that in today’s society there are very few professional coaches who can deliver results that people coach cookie monster

Coaching in the true essence is derived from sports, a real professional coach takes a player or team and coaches them on specific skills, strategies, and motivation techniques to get the desired results and success. The coach understands the players and the team to construct a viable game plan to reach the desired objectives. Life coaching is full of flimsy, washy feel good theories that have been rehashed over the years but contain little value to achieving goals. Having a strategic game plan, such as those derived from sports, and focused on the end result involves a real qualified professional coach who understands each player’s specific strengths and weakness while understanding how certain plays will affect the direction of the game. It is the same exact coaching that is needed to accomplish any goals not just in sports but life and business too.

Of course having a real professional coach is usually reserved for the elite such as professional athletes, Olympians, or the super wealthy who can afford the money to secure the time of a real professional coach. The reason is obvious if you need results you need the individual, the strategies, and the system that will produce the success you want. It would be a waste of time and money to get one of the many life coaches who went to a seminar, read a book, or took an online course and expect results.

The solution to getting real professional coaching with a proven success system used by the high achievers in life, business, and sports is Maximum Performance. Coaching is for the average and Maximum Performance is for the few who get results. Then of course, you can get life coaching for free with the Cookie Monster…probably more qualified than any life coach.


Let Cookie Monster be your life coach – The AV Club Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:10:00 -0700

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of The A.V. Club that Cookie Monster is a font of wisdom. But everyone’s favorite furry blue overeater now has a professional venue for his insights in “Cookie Monster, Life …

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