Easy Steps You Can Do To Effectively Lead Others Without Executive Coaching

There are so many executive coaches rehashing the same old theories on what you need to do to be a great leader but Coach J, America’s Success Expert, offers some quick and simple strategies you can do right away to be the leader that you always wanted to be. This simple method, to be a great leader, is solely based on motivation and has nothing to do with antiquated executive coaching. Knowing how to motivate others and avoiding rehashed executive coaching theories will make you an instant and effective leader. It’s simple, what you are able to reward will get done. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set high expectations and never set low expectations. People will either live up to expectations or live down to them. If you set expectations high you are telling people that you believe in their abilities to do great things.
  • Give recognition to those that contribute to your goals. Give them praise and thank them for their contribution. Keep doing this often because people like to be recognized for their efforts.
  • Give incentives to those that do the most critical tasks in reaching the goals. Make sure the incentives are significant to those who can benefit from them. Learn to read your people and understand what motivates them in life and in your organization so you can develop incentives that fit them.
  • Develop pride for you people. Pick a mascot, theme song, chant, or symbol that everyone will enjoy. People love being on a team so give them that team pride.
  • Make sure to empower all those on your team. Let them do things that will play to their strengths so delegate wisely.
  • Have fun and encourage others to do the same. You can take breaks for some fun and have a positive environment where everyone can flourish.
  • You must celebrate your victories. Whenever something gets accomplished celebrate it and keep doing so.


So there are your quick and simple strategies, minus the rhetoric of executive coaching, to be an instant great leader. Follow these strategies and watch your people soar. Success is never as hard as you think it is if you follow the right strategies that work and avoid following the rehashed methodologies of executive coaching.