Executive Coaching Needs To Learn How To Lead

The following post focuses on having courage to be a better leader and gives some basic fundamentals to being bolder as a leader or executive. Since most executives lead their employees towards reaching goals there is always hesitation not to cross the corporate divide and go off course but making bold, calculated moves is the critical factor. Remember ones credibility as a respected executive is on the line and it’s nothing that one would ever want to lose since that career is at stake.

There is the saying that taking bigger risks will reap bigger rewards but it’s vital that executive decide whether or not the bold moves will collectively benefit the organization and the people that you oversee. Most executives are programmed to stay within the realm of their mandates, this is safe, consistent, and the choice of most. The problem is that extraordinary gains will subside since most executives tend to make decisions based on the comfort level. Having the fortitude to reach further is courageous but knowing when the time is right is key.

Like most executive coaches and leadership programs emphasize being bold and getting out of your comfort zone there is very little specifics on how to apply this to an individuals certain circumstances. Everyone still remains on a quandary of being bold within a certain area or going big and getting noticed. This is just another example of coaching not evolving to merge the gap between actions and theories. My own advice is to save your time on this basic information you probably know and focus on working on understanding the needs of those you lead and help your team grow in every aspect.

How to Be a Courageous Leader – Vision Executive Coaching

executive coachingAs an executive coach I’ve learned that there’s one key differentiator: courage. And it’s not just the run-of-the-mill “gladiator” archetype of courage. Rather, it’s an insightful, reflective, innovative, and often quiet type of courage.

More importantly, I’ve learned that this type of courage is a skill, not a trait—meaning it can be taught. Everyonecan develop the courage to drive success as an entrepreneur, as a leader, or in his or her personal life. The key is understanding the right kind of courage and the self-destructive cycles that derail courage. Once you’ve achieved that, you can work courageous skills into your daily routine.


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