In this article about executive coaches having trouble dealing with their clients it should be no surprise because executive coaches rarely have any expertise to advise their clients on what will actually work for their clients to get their clients the desired results. Executive coaching is based on theories which have been passed on for many years and offer little actual value if a client wants results.

The executive coach in this example states the she is afraid to tell the client something they don’t want to hear for fear of being let go as a coach. Well, the fact that this executive coach is afraid to be let go for saying something that the client may not want to hear tells you the value of executive coaching. In the real professional coaching industry of sports, a real coach will tell his or her players or team what the problems are and implement solutions to get the desired results. There is never any hesitation from the coach or the coaching staff to get the players and team prepared for victory.

When a person seeks executive coaching they are no different than an athlete wanting to take their game to the next level. They want to be prepared to take on the challenges and dominate their position to win and be a champion. This is the reason why coaching (real coaching) exists. When you put your trust, time, and money in an executive coach you get theories. When you put your trust in a proven system used by the world’s best achievers in life, business, and sports you get solution and you get results so you can be a leader, champion, and your best. Maximum Performance is where champions are made.

The Executive Coach's Dilemma

















The Executive Coach’s Dilemma

Tue, 02 Jun 2015 20:37:31 -0700

I have read a number of your executive coaching columns and I am impressed by the clarity of your thinking, but I also feel that you must have unusually open-minded clients. My VP-level coaching clients would never take my coaching so well and so …

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