Many Factors Contribute As A Key To Success

For many, a college degree is the key to success but it is not for a select few. So for those who still believe in a college education then you should go or send your family member and reap the rewards of a higher education. Of course having a college degree is highly beneficial and will impact your overall earnings potential throughout your life as opposed to only having a high school diploma. However, for a select few, a college education is not a necessary key to success.

Key to success A few famous college dropouts like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates did not need a college degree to attain their impressive successes and there will always be even more than a handful to obtain massive success without college. The real key to success is if you will be one of the few to do it? Chances are better in your favor if you do go or you can always get your degree later in life. It really doesn’t matter, the key to success is to understand what you will do with the time you have if you were going to attend college. If you can start a business and make a decent living then college is not necessary or you can always go later. There are many professional athletes and entertainers who never graduated college or received their degrees later in life. So the real key to success is knowing what you will be doing with yourself having relinquished the opportunity to going to college.

The bottom line is the opportunity cost of going or not going to college. For the most part, it is highly beneficial to earn a college degree at some point in your life just for the exposure to different classes that may expose you to subject matter that gives you a passion to learn more about something new and the opportunity to meet other people from various backgrounds and experiences. To increase your success throughout your life, high achievers use Maximum Performance.


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And it almost didn’t explain John Marbach. He worked very hard to get into Wake Forest University but, after a single semester, he dropped out. What? Got into Wake and dropped out? Well, he was lured away by an offer.

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