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Born with humble beginnings in Washington, D.C. to a loving family whose jack of all trades dad proudly served and retired from the U.S. Army and a hard working mother who together raised a son with all the hope that if you worked hard and never give up that one day you can be anything you want and achieve whatever you want. Through all the challenges our priorities were always instilled with love, faith, family, values, integrity, humility, and responsibility.





It’s never about theories, methodologies, or coaching it’s always about actions that get results for real success

I am all about ACTION!

Most of my life has been focused on what I can achieve, despite any perceived shortcomings.   

I learned early that if you constantly place yourself being content with the average status quo you can’t expect anything but average, at best. So to be the best or your best you should always use the best and surround yourself with the best, otherwise, just accept being like most…average. This is your choice.

It is an absolute given that we all share the same 24 hours in a day and 360 days in a year but what most do within that time greatly differs between the 99% of people that set ordinary goals and the 1% that achieve extraordinary goals. The facts are that the 99% will always watch the 1% and ask how did they do that?

You are most likely here because you are looking for someone or something that can provide a solution for you. No matter the reason, one universal key is important and that is the fact that whatever you need must solve the issue to get the result you want. If you wanted an average result you would not be here because most people are content with average. So remember an “average” coach or program is clearly not going to be the solution to getting an above average result. This is where people, like you, come to achieve goals, be their best, and breakaway from the limitations of being average.



Coach J NFL pro football coach
Maximum Performance Coach J
Coach J sports motivation
Coach J sports motivation

Master success expert, trusted advisor and motivator for high profile clients and organizations

Business performance expert and strategic partner for multinational corporations.

Leading pioneer in the evolution of successfully incorporating sports strategies and motivation with life, executive, and business strategies

Authority on self improvement and personal development for individuals in competitive environments who desire extraordinary results

Crisis management consultant dealing effectively with highly sensitive and critical issues

Who’s Who In The World – For executives, professionals and entrepreneurs with demonstrated leadership and accomplishments

Judge, American Business Awards – The business world’s Oscar Awards

Judge, Stevie Awards – Women in business awards

Super Bowl Management and recognition from The Pro Football Hall of Fame

National Football League – Over 10 years of excellence from the field to the executive office

Corporate Spokesperson – Fortune 500 company with over $300 billion in assets

Launched the multi-million dollar sports division of a worldwide entertainment corporation

Handled negotiations of movie and licensing deals with some of the most popular brands in entertainment

Supervised production of nationally-aired television commercials

Leading visionary in merging the sports world with the video game industry

Directed the marketing campaigns of the world’s leading video game brands and the largest video game publishers in the world

Silicon Valley adviser and technology investor

Maximum performance expert and mental motivational conditioning coach

Graduate of the Marshall School of Business at The University of Southern California 


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Maximum performance Coach J
Coach J maximum performance coach

SPEED is critical to achieving your goals.

The more time you spend searching, trying to figure things out, or stuck in a coaching program or with a coach that offers little value keeps you from your success.

To get any results you need as much time as you can get to execute the appropriate actions to reach the finish line. 




To be the best you need the best!

Can you imagine Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant without a great coach like Phil Jackson? How about Tom Brady without Bill Belichick or Russell Wilson without Pete Carroll?

It is critical that your coach, mentor, consultant, advisor, or guru has achieved for themselves otherwise it is a waste of your time. Make sure that they have exceeded average results or else you can’t expect anything more than most. Similarly, there is a the very true saying that you are the average of your five closest friends so think about who’s around you often.

Another example is if you needed a critical surgery to save your life you would most likely make sure you had the best surgeon to operate. Do you have a personal trainer? You would want to make sure they have the most advanced and effective training methods for the results you want, otherwise, it is just a waste of time and money. So, when it comes to your success why wouldn’t you use the best? 


Would you be further ahead with 100% of the results most get or be better with only 10% of the results of the world’s highest achievers in life, business, and sports?



It does not matter if it is a professional athlete, NBA MVP, superstar entertainer, global media icon and successful entrepreneur, television sports analyst, Victoria Secret model, or you but having a real proven success system based on your own individual characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses gives you the best opportunity to achieve all your goals right now.

High achievers in life, business, and sports all share similar learned characteristics and patterns that give them a winning edge to get results that most will never know.

Some of the great advantages that shifts people from ordinary to extraordinary are really simple but one of the most important challenges is to break people from their comfort zone. It is a natural tendency for most to stay where they are and limit their expectations because they feel trying to reach beyond their expectations will require much more than they are capable of achieving but the truth is that it really does not take that much more other than incorporating a few extra action steps which makes The Maximum Performance Success System the must have for real results. 


sports motivation Coach J

Being like most

Don’t break from the masses

Staying average

Stick with the majority

Let’s not rock the boat

Nobody else is doing it

Why should I?

Don’t be like most, the majority will always choose to remain average at best. Nothing wrong with that unless you want results. As time passes, most get very comfortable staying where they are but the few who want to excel become the leaders who control what most will follow. Learn the proven system that you can easily do on a daily basis and getting results become a slam dunk all the time.




Maybe someday

Not enough time

Rather watch television

Too tired

What if?

All the excuses most tell themselves to avoid having to go after their goals and take charge of their life. There’s no doubt that it is easy to set goals but the real victory only comes from achieving your goals. It’s time to knock it out and be the champ of your life.

coach j executive coaching

Which Would You Choose To Drive Your Success, A Ferrari Or Honda?

A Ferrari blows away a Honda each and every time…it’s not even close!

Another getting approached with “I’m a ___coach” stories. 

I attended a charity event with some notable guests. Dinner, silent auction, entertainment, and the usual networking. Placed some bids on a a few items and got the Gibson Les Paul guitar. As I was going to sit a gentleman approaches and introduces himself as a Life Transformation Strategist Coach for high net worth individuals so I’m thinking this will be fun. 

He starts his long speech and eventually gets to asking me what I do?Briefly responded with I have my own company and he gets really inquisitive but I turn the questions back towards him. 

Long story short, I asked him what items he bid on for the auction and he responded with not bidding on any items so I asked why not? He stated they were a bit pricey and then he asked for my contact information. I asked what kind of car he drove, he responded it was a Honda Accord and asked me why? I told him you came to a fund raising event, didn’t bid on any items, drove here in your Honda, and telling me your a (pseudo) coach for high net worth individuals. I told him my custom Ferrari is parked in front of the hotel valet and I have a new Lamborghini at home. I let him know that I would be a fool to let someone who coaches rehashed theories tell me they could get results when they could not afford to place a bid and drives a Honda. I let him know what I actually do and told him a real professional coach is all about competing, winning, and bottom line results. Real coaches are only measured on results like Super Bowls, NBA Championships, World Series, and getting results for their clients through actions because they have achieved results for themselves not by any useless theories or warm fuzzy laws of attractions. 

Another chuckle moment, he asked me for an endorsement which I obviously declined.

coach j success coach
Coach J success coaching
Coach J

What Is A Real Professional Coach?

First things first a real coach is someone who gets you to achieve goals through actual real proven results. 

A fake coach (life, executive, transformational, etc.) is someone who claims to be a coach and claims they can help you theoretically regardless of the outcome.  

Proud to be in the very rare and elite company of real professional coaches and the highly exclusive profession of real professional coaching with all the greats such as  John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, Don Shula, Pat Summitt, Greg Popovich, Tony Dungy, Bill Walsh, Mike Krzyzewski, and all the great coaches who achieve, succeed, and honor the only real true professional coaching industry.


When it comes to achieving any goal you will most likely have to compete and win to achieve that goal. 

Sometimes you may be competing against yourself or others and you need to be your very best to succeed.

You will also have to win in some way to reach your goal. It could be doing something much more out of the ordinary or even something spectacular but no matter what you have to excel to achieve your goal.

Coach J sports motivation
Maximum Performance Coach J


In life, business, or sports you must know how to compete and win in anything and everything in order to be successful.

A true champion is in control of their own life, their destiny is in their own hands. 

You have a choice to sit and watch like all the rest or compete and win like the few who achieve.

Power is knowing there is only one choice!

Choose your coach or program wisely or end up like most still setting the same goals on New Years. 

In our system clients reach their goals through their actions, that we assist them in executing, so they reach their goals. No theories just the exact actions you need for real proven results. You achieve your goals by doing it not trying to attract them or some other fake methodology that never works. Achieving and succeeding is real for Maximum Performance and our family of clients.

One of the most important to do’s we plan for all our amazing clients is making the time to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work and full out effort to reaching their goals. With every championship comes the victory parade and party so every few years we throw a big victory celebration for the real achievers who become the champions of their life and a few world champions too…who’s next?


maximum performance success system
coach j maximum performance coach
maximum performance coaching
maximum performance coach j

Coach J  is very proud to work with so many outstanding organizations that contributes to all areas of society. Among those are Make-A-Wish, Athletes & Entertainers for Kids, United Way, D.A.R.E., Special Olympics, Surfrider Foundation and many more. In addition, Coach J is a frequent guest to many schools and speaks to students about achievement, winning, and being a champion in school, at home, and in the community. If you would like Coach J to speak at your function or to your organization please email us.

Maximum Performance also works with clients in need but are unable to afford our services which is funded primarily through Coach J and the initial consultation fees of our amazing clients. Past recipients have included military personnel and their families, teachers, first responders, disaster victims, and others. If you feel your situation would qualify please email us. 

When Coach J is able to find a little time for himself, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. An occasional surfing trip to one of the magnificent surfing spots around the globe or a trip on his bike with a guitar to a remote part of the country are some favorite activities. You can also find Coach J volunteering at food banks, senior centers, animal shelters, and always encouraging his clientele to participate in their own communities. 

Coach J life coaching
coach j executive coaching
Coach J business coaching
coach j business coach

Whole Lotta Of Love For My Life, Business, Sports, And My Family Of Clients

If you’re looking for things like transformation and laws of attraction then look elsewhere but if you’re looking for real results and long term success then it’s a bulls eye.

I use The Maximum Performance System everyday in my life, business, and sports. No theories or hoping in my day to day just real focus, actions, progressions, and results. Unlike the fake coaches and programs I don’t talk the talk but rather just humbly walk the walk. 

If we have the opportunity to work together being on the same team, you will always get 100% of my focus, passion, energy, commitment, motivation, loyalty, honesty, and full out support to give you the highest percentage of achieving your goals. Winning starts now! 

Coach J executive coaching


Coach J and Steve Van Doren, Vice President, Vans and recipient of The International Skateboard Hall of Fame Icon Award.

Vans is a manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and related apparel. The company also sponsors surf, snowboarding, BMX, and motocross teams. Since 1996, the company has been the primary sponsor of the annual Vans Warped Tour traveling rock festival. Vans is also the title sponsor of The U.S. Open of Surfing, the world’s largest surf competition and lifestyle festival.

I used to be like most, always setting a lot of goals that eventually became unattainable dreams due to everything that happens with life. A friend was raving about working with Coach J and how he was able to attain this big goal he never though could happen and got it with Coach J. So I decided to contact him and discussed my initial goal which I though would take years to accomplish and wouldn’t you know it after three months I started raving about accomplishing my goal thanks to Coach J.

Coach J business coach
Stewart Taylor Business Owner San Diego, California

I feel empowered achieving my goals and I am the master of my destiny never wondering if I can get everything I want out of my life and career. Coach J is a strategist, motivator, and winner who gets you to push yourself to succeed by taking the right actions based on your own uniqueness, that is why he delivers each and every time. He is very humble but knows how to deliver the kicks when you need it. Only regret is not working with Coach J sooner, he is amazing.

Coach J life coach
Cheryl Tantillo PR Director Phoenix, Arizona

You will immediately feel connected to Coach J because he takes the time to learn about you and what will work best for you to get exactly what you want. He is at his best when you are at your worst, thinking you can’t do it. In his system, there are no questions that it is not going to work because reaching your goal is centered on your characteristics. He has the unique gift to apply the exact steps you need to execute to succeed. Coach J makes you a champion!

coach j executive coach
SteveWilliams Vice President Atlanta, Georgia

You Want Coaching Get A Coach, You Want Results Get Coach J

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