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Before It’s About Us, It Is First And Foremost All About You

Coach J

Coach J is the creator of Maximum Performance the insane advanced proprietary coaching system based on an individual’s unique characteristics.

He is the most sought after maximum performance coach for life, business, and sports on the planet.

Coach J…




Hi, I’m Coach J.

I’m first and foremost someone who has failed.

Yeah, I failed at many things from school, sports, careers, business, and even more but I just wanted to get that out of the way first. One of the many important lessons I learned throughout my personal journey is the fact that failure is not the opposite of success it is part of success.  I’m in good company with Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and the few who know the process of using failure as an advantage that most will never know.

Now your probably wondering is the guy even worth my valuable time and attention? Probably for most that would be NO.  So for most, thanks for making it this far. 

For the curious few wondering what the heck can this guy do for me this is the part where I will lose the remaining 99% because the answer is absolutely nothing. See you, thanks for visiting.

Are you still even here? Oh you’re the one left! Congratulations, you are one of the rare few, who I will partner with, that will do amazing things.

Here’s the bottom line, I can’t do anything for you BUT I can help you help yourself if you want to achieve goals. Reality check, no one can do it for you, you have to do it yourself! Michael Jordan can’t be who he is without putting in the effort himself and getting the best real professional coaching.

There is one key to success that holds true in everything, if you want to be the best or your best you need the best to guide you along the process. If that guide has achieved for themselves and has had to overcome the challenges you will have to go through, they can help you avoid the pitfalls and give you some invaluable directions to shorten your journey to reaching your goals. There are no theories, methods, or philosophies just focus, motivation, strategies, and execution to get what you want. 

So if you relate, we will make a great team.

Bio with my own achievements and results (something coaches ignore):

‌   10+ Years Experience

Real professional coaching experience: National Football League, corporate, business, high performance, personal development, executive, motivation, and strategic solutions implementation.

‌   Creator

Maximum Performance, the premiere coaching system of the world’s highest achievers. Hybrid sports motivation programs used by professional athletes. Custom training programs combining business and professional sports strategies for high powered entrepreneurs, executives, and high profile individuals.

‌   Producer

Produced over 1,000 pieces of content from articles, videos, courses, books, and programs on success, motivation, business, athletic performance, personal development, entrepreneurship, corporate training, and the list keeps growing.

Who Is Coach J?

Maximum Performance Coach J

Coach J, started from humble beginnings and is now the catalyst for long-term results and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Success Architect for Maximum Performance LLC. His superior skills in planning and execution under extreme pressures have been coached to top athletes, executives, businesses, entertainers, corporations, professional sports teams, and high profile entrepreneurs. He is a leading expert and author on motivation, goal attainment, and winning. Coach J also serves as a leading authority and keynote speaker to many high profile clients and organizations throughout the world. Additionally, he is a highly sought after specialist on various crisis management issues. Coach J is a graduate of The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.


  • Master success expert, trusted advisor and motivator for high profile clients and organizations
  • Business performance expert and strategic partner for multinational corporations.
  • Leading pioneer in the evolution of successfully incorporating sports strategies and motivation with life, executive, and business strategies
  • Authority on self improvement and personal development for individuals in competitive environments who desire extraordinary results
  • Crisis management consultant dealing effectively with highly sensitive and critical issues
  • Who’s Who In The World – For executives, professionals and entrepreneurs with demonstrated leadership and accomplishments
  • Judge, American Business Awards – The business world’s Oscar Awards
  • Judge, Stevie Awards – Women in business awards
  • Super Bowl Management and recognition from The Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • National Football League – Over 10 years of excellence from the field to the executive office
  • Corporate Spokesperson – Fortune 500 company with over $300 billion in assets
  • Launched the multi-million dollar sports division of a worldwide entertainment corporation
  • Handled negotiations of movie and licensing deals with some of the most popular brands in entertainment
  • Supervised production of nationally-aired television commercials
  • Leading visionary in merging the sports world with the video game industry
  • Directed the marketing campaigns of the world’s leading video game brands and the largest video game publishers in the world
  • Silicon Valley tech investor

coach j the world's top maximum performance coach


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Coach J maximum performance coach

“I have spent my entire life on achieving results and winning and there is nothing more rewarding or anything that I am more passionate about than seeing the people and organizations that I am fortunate to work with crush their goals. It’s a Super Bowl victory for my amazing clients and myself. I love the process that is involved with achieving goals, winning, and being your best. Having teammates consisting of tech gurus, CEO’s, students, pro athletes, professionals, entertainers, stay-at-home parents, entrepreneurs, authors, world champions, business owners, media personalities, Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and beyond is a truly incredible experience that makes me so grateful to wake up each morning having the rare opportunity to be a driver for so many great people on the road to getting real results and long-term success.” – Coach J

Coach J NFL Coach

Coach J  is very proud to work with so many outstanding organizations that contributes to all areas of society. Among those are Make-A-Wish, Athletes & Entertainers for Kids, United Way, D.A.R.E., Special Olympics, Surfrider Foundation and many more. In addition, Coach J is a frequent guest to many schools and speaks to students about achievement, winning, and being a champion in school, at home, and in the community.

Maximum Performance also works with clients in need but are unable to afford our services which is funded primarily through Coach J and the initial consultation fees of our amazing clients, if you feel your situation would qualify please email us.