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Coach J

The Top Maximum Performance Expert On The Planet

Coach J


I’m not here to waste your time (or money).

There is only one thing I do above all which is getting you to achieve your goals. I don’t push useless coaching, rehash old theories, or claim to attract prosperity for you. I’m all about actions not b.s.

My success is only based on the success of my clients. Therefore if you don’t want to succeed there is nothing I can do. I work best with those who want to take action now. As a result, they are totally committed (and invested) in their success. 

I always give 110% of all my effort to make you a champion in your game of life, business, or sports.


I am proud to be in the very rare and elite company of real professional coaches who are only measured by actual results. There are only a small number of real professional coaches who have the expertise to get others to take action, compete, and win.

My appreciation to all the real professional coaches who get it done. For example, John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, Don Shula, Pat Summitt, Greg Popovich, Tony Dungy, Bill Walsh, and Mike Krzyzewski.  They are the great coaches who achieve, succeed, and honor the only real true coaching profession.

“So many people are calling themselves a coach (life, executive, etc.). They are multiplying like cockroaches since they are everywhere. However, try finding one real coach who can deliver real results, they are indeed very rare and hard to come by, like unicorns.” – Coach J (The Unicorn)

Coach J

Your goals are achievable similarly as goals of an NBA Player of the Year, TV sports analyst, mega superstar, media icon, NFL player, or Victoria Secret model. The right system designed around your individual characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses produces results unlike rehashed coaching theories that fits everyone.

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Coach J Facts 

Who Do You Want In Your Corner – Someone Who Is A Dreamer And Claims They Coach Or Someone Who Is A Doer And Does?

  • Master success expert, trusted advisor and motivator for high profile clients and organizations
  • Business performance expert and strategic partner for multinational corporations.
  • Leading pioneer in the evolution of successfully incorporating sports strategies and motivation with life, executive, and business strategies
  • Authority on self improvement and personal development for individuals in competitive environments who desire extraordinary results
  • Who’s Who In The World – For executives, professionals and entrepreneurs with demonstrated leadership and accomplishments
  • Judge, American Business Awards – The business world’s Oscar Awards
  • Judge, Stevie Awards – Women in business awards
  • Super Bowl Management and recognition from The Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • National Football League – Over 10 years of excellence from the field to the executive office
  • Corporate Spokesperson – Fortune 500 company with over $300 billion in assets
  • Launched the multi-million dollar sports division of a worldwide entertainment corporation
  • Handled negotiations of movie and licensing deals with some of the most popular brands in entertainment
  • Supervised production of nationally-aired television commercials
  • Leading visionary in merging the sports world with the video game industry
  • Directed the marketing campaigns of the world’s leading video game brands and the largest video game publishers in the world
  • Silicon Valley adviser and technology investor
  • Maximum performance expert and mental motivational conditioning coach
  • Crisis management consultant dealing effectively with highly sensitive and critical issues
  • Graduate of the Marshall School of Business at The University of Southern California 
Coach J sports motivation
Coach J sports motivation
Coach J Maximum Performance
Coach J NFL pro football coach
Maximum Performance Coach J
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Media Credits

  • E.T.
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  • CBS Sports
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Whole Lotta Of Love For My Life, Business, Sports, And Our Family Of Clients

I use The Maximum Performance System® everyday in my life, business, and sports. No theories or hoping in my day to day just real focus, actions, progressions, and results. Contrary to the fake coaches and programs, I don’t talk the talk but rather just humbly walk the walk. 

If we have the opportunity to work together you will always get 100%+ of my focus, passion, energy, commitment, motivation, loyalty, honesty, and full out support to give you the highest percentage for achieving your goals. 

Can your coach, mentor, or adviser translate success, achievement, and results visually (see video)? Very few can and most won’t even know how to get there…ever!

Winning, achieving, and being a champion in your life starts now!

I am passionate about getting you to achieve your goals! When I do take time for myself, I enjoy surfing around the globe, working out, exotic cars, boxing, fusion cooking, motorcycles, music, basketball, art, and exploring venture capital projects. I am also involved with Make-A-Wish, Athletes & Entertainers For Kids, Surfrider Foundation, United Way, and appreciate the opportunity to go to schools to talk with students about achievement in school, at home, on the field, and in the community. It is also a source of pride that at Maximum Performance we donate part of our fees to help those who might not be able to afford our services, past recipients have included military families, students, first responders, teachers, and others. If you feel you would be suited for this program please email us for consideration.


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Coach J business coaching
Coach J
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